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Maria Rassiwalla

Maria Rassiwalla
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Marshall Elementary School
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Guadalupe Gallopers Cross Country Team

by Amy Adkins

During after school time, it’s important to ensure programming includes a variety of ways for students be active. The hope is that by providing creative, intentional options to be active, students will be exposed to something that will turn into a healthy, life-long passion. At Guadalupe’s After School Program, students get moving daily with SPARK activities and participate in annual events like Young Dancers.  

Last year students also had the opportunity to become cross-country runners. The Program’s Lead Teacher, Kent Schmitzlead took his passion for distance running and shared it the fifth graders. Starting with a desire to see his students perform better on the Fifth Grade PE Test, this started as an idea and with students running laps around the playground, morphed into an on-going component of the program: the Guadalupe Gallopers Cross Country Team. As an ongoing component of the program the Cross Country Team ran the trails and hills of McLaren Park two to three times per week with students logging in some impressive stats- 5.26 miles with elevation gains of close to 900 feet. Read more of this story.

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The ExCEL After School Programs mission is to create and sustain "safe havens" at public schools where students and community members can access expanded learning opportunities and integrated education, health, social service, and cultural programs in the out-of-school hours.



October Harvest of the Month

Winter squash is October's Harvest of the Month and delicious recipes and fun facts can be found on our Nutrition and Physical Activity page.

posted 9/18/14


Updated 13-14 Program Profiles

2013-14 School Program Profies have been updated. You can find the profiles on the Evaluation page.

posted 9/15/14


2014-15 academic liaison workplan

The new Academic Liaison Workplan is now online! This workplan is due on the day of our first Academic Liaison Meeting on September 23rd.

posted 8/15/14


All about excel

Have a question about invoices? What form to use for Educational Excursions? Familiarize yourself with our new and revised information for the 2014-15 school year!

posted 8/8/14


2013-14 Program Profiles

2013-14 School Site Program Profiles are now online!

posted 8/6/14


new and revised excel documents

Please check out our new and revised CBO Verification Form for Subcontractors, Incident Reporting Form, Allowable Expenses and Invoice Dos and Don'ts.

posted 8/1/14


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