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Tips this monthTeaching the Skills of Self Efficacy
Best Practices

Foster a Student's Sense of Competence in Themselves
Create activities that are slightly beyond students' current levels of proficiency, have students demonstrate understanding throughout the activity, show peer coping models and peer mastery models, and include feedback that helps students to make progress. See all the tips.


Self-Efficacy: Which Four Sources?

The first ExCEL SEL meeting for the 2017 has taken off with Self Efficacy, which promotes the belief that you can succeed in achieving an outcome or reaching a goal. Site Coordinators also had the opportunity to gain a bit more history of SEL and Self-Efficacy by viewing a detailed video by Tammy Graham.

Another great resource for Site Coordinators to add to their toolbox and take back to their sites.
SEL facilitators also shared that having the opportunity to model and guide their peers through the SEL cohorts has allowed them to increase communication among their peers, assist in reducing veteran site coordinator burn out, and acknowledge their learning as they are more engaged and taking back resources to the programs. A facilitator highlight that it is a great feeling as a peer educator to observe when a participant decides to interact in an activity as this is a required session.

How do you promote self-efficacy in your students or staff? How do you promote self-efficacy in yourself?

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