Summer 2013

Health Awareness Month

APRIL: Gay Pride/Respect

Each year, San Francisco Unified School District celebrates the contribution of its gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students, staff, faculty, parents, and families. School Board Resolution 04-11-A5 lists April as “LGBTQ Pride Month.” The celebration is listed as the Health Awareness Event for April in the District Calendar. April also includes the National Day of Silence, April 11, which is an additional activity to create a safe school by raising awareness of the discrimination LGBTQ people face and how they are often silenced due to the fear of discrimination. Improve school climate and create safer schools by implementing the suggested activities listed in the WAD's resource sheets.

Read WAD. What you can do: Elementary | SecondaryVisit LGBTQ Support Services website for more ideas!

Harvest of the Month is Dried Fruit

View full list of Health Awareness themes for this school year.


Top News

FREE LGBTQ History Tour for High School Classes: April 8 - May 1

A FREE field trip opportunity! "Doused in Milk!", an LGBTQ history tour of the Castro, was created by Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC) youth interns. The tour lasts about one hour, and can accommodate up to 30 students, teachers and chaperones at once. Tours are offered Tuesday, April 8th to Thursday, May 1st (Tuesdays and Thursdays only) with tours available at 11:00 a.m. Learn more and view optional lesson: Read WAD

Student Intervention Team (SIT) April Newsletter

Please read about the current happenings at the Student Intervention Team, including our latest recruitment statistics for the 2014-2015 school year.  Information and resources about Transitions and Terminations with students is provided in this April issue, as well as an update on current trainings.  As always, don’t forget to sneak a peek at who’s in the intern spotlight this month!  See Newsletter | Read more about SIT

New Personal Beliefs Exemption Form to Required Immunizations

Effective January 1, 2014, AB 2109 requires parents who want to exempt their child from one or more required immunizations because of their personal beliefs to use the new Personal Beliefs Exemption Form to Required Immunizations (CDPH 8262). Read WAD for further information and form with translations.

Child Abuse Reporting

All SFUSD employees are mandated reporters of child abuse/neglect. Anyone who has reason to suspect child abuse or neglect is responsible for making a report to Children’s Emergency Services (CES), also known as Child Protective Services (CPS), as soon as possible. The duty of the mandated reporter is to report suspected child abuse, not to investigate. Learn more including definitions of abuse, and regulations and reporting procedures: Read WAD.

CHKS Survey Administration: March 24 - May 2

Survey administration of the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) will begin March 24 and continue by school cluster through May 2. During this census year, please ensure that the survey is administered to all students with consent in grades 6 through 12 (Active Consent for Grade 6, Passive Consent for Grades 7-12). It is very important to survey as many students as possible!

Tobacco Use Prevention Education Grant Funded

SFUSD received notification March 7 that our Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Program grant has been funded. We are one of 14 LEAs out of 54 applicants to be awarded.

Vision Van Reached Over Two Hundred Students

From March 5-7, 2014, 207 high-need SFUSD students received FREE eye exams and glasses through the Vision Van Program, sponsored by OneSight, a Luxottica Foundation group based in Cincinnati.

  • 200, or 97%, of these students needed glasses.
  • 166, or 83%, of those who needed glasses received them on the same day.
  • The other 34, or 17%, will receive their glasses in about two weeks, after the glasses are finished at a LensCrafters store. Six, or 3%, of the students were referred to an optometrist at Eyexam of CA at LensCrafters for a more in-depth examination.

Student Mentoring Thrives at Carver Elementary

Emily Wade-Thompson, former Principal, and Kimm Waller Ware, School Social Worker at G. Washington Carver Elementary, are two SFUSD employees who model how to develop a culture of caring and mentorship into a school’s community. Read story.

School Health Programs Receives Clean Air Award

The BREATHE California Award was received by SFUSD School Health Programs as the Outstanding Partner with BREATHE California, statewide air quality program. Read more.

Universal Precautions and Asthma Management/Emergency Information 2013-2014

Every day is a day for Universal Precautions (ways to prevent infectious disease exposure) and Asthma Awareness. Asthma accounts for more than 15 million missed school days per year. All SFUSD schools will implement the “Indoor Air Quality: Tools for Schools” program.  Download WAD to learn more.

Student Intervention Team (SIT) March Newsletter

Please read our March Newsletter for program updates, monthly appreciations and upcoming trainings. March is Nutrition Awareness Month!  Don t miss our intern corner with information and resources related to nutrition and mental health. Finally, catch our Intern in the spotlight  this month. Read about the journey of SIT Intern, Mansur Narullah, and what led him to SIT. See Newsletter | Read more about SIT

Tips for Avoiding the Flu

Flu season is upon us. The San Francisco Department of Public Health reports increased influenza activity locally. The following are effective ways to prevent the spread of influenza:

  • Receive an annual seasonal flu vaccination (6 mos. & older)
  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid close contact
  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Cover your cough and sneeze with tissue or sleeve
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces or objects with district-approved cleaning agents.

Download WAD with more information for schools including info sheets, FAQs, links to posters, etc.

Student and Family Handbook Updates

The 2013-14 revision of the of the Student, Family and Community Handbook is now posted. Translated copies will be available very soon. View handbook: English

Affordable Care Act

Student, Family and Community Support Department (SFCSD) is assisting families in accessing information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and opportunities for health care enrollment. ACA offers access to affordable health insurance coverage and expands Medi-Cal eligibility to low income adults between 19 – 64 so that more people can get health coverage. Anupcoming SFUSD school board resolution will require SFUSD staff to disseminate information to families about the Affordable Care Act. Please review the following resources regarding ACA.

Sunset Elementary After School "Good Time" Video

Earlier this year, Sunset Elementary’s After School Program put together this fun video featuring Carly Rae Jepson and Owl City’s “Good Time.” After School Program Staff Member Jason Parmele came up with the idea and plan of execution. Each class came up with a concept of what they wanted to do within the video. Learn more and watch this fun video!

Violence Prevention Snapshot

We have some hopeful information from our last administration of the YRBS.  We still have much to do, but it is gratifying to see our efforts to create safer learning environments for all of our students is paying off. View snapshot (pdf).

FREE resources for SFUSD students for Eye Exams & Glasses

SFUSD students who do not have vision coverage (or who have exhausted their vision coverage) and need an eye exam or new glasses can benefit from two programs. Children’s Vision First offers one free pair of glasses per student through participating volunteer optometrists. LensCrafters OneSight program will offer up to 200 SFUSD students free new glasses during March 2014. Watch for the Vision Van WAD coming in January. For more information: Read Vision Resources WAD

Head Lice

The prevalence of head lice (pediculosis) in children continues to be a recurring problem. While head lice do not transmit disease to humans, they are a nuisance resulting in lost school days and work days. Immediate exclusion of students identified with live lice is no longer recommended. Read WAD for SFUSD Head Lice Procedure and supporting documents.

Student Intervention Team (SIT) November Newsletter

Please read our November Newsletter for important updates, highlights and training information. Included in our intern corner is an article on “Coping with the Holidays”, as well as crisis lines available in the community. 
See Newsletter | Read more about SIT

Free Muni Passes for SF Youth Program

MUNI LogoLow and moderate-income San Francisco youth between the ages of 5 to 17 can apply for SFMTA's Free Muni for Youth program. The program will run through June 2014. Find out about eligibility requirements and how to apply. Traveling to and from school safely and responsibly is important so download the Responisble Ridership flyer, lessons and ideas from earlier this year for ways to continue to prepare students for MUNI! Download the WAD packet (8mb) | View "On MUNI" video

Restorative Practices New Website

Restorative Practices, a movement grounded in principles designed to create powerful relationships central to building thriving communities, has a new website full of information and resources. View website.

Save these Dates

Is your staff looking for professional development in the area of Health? See the attached flyers announcing professional development opportunities offered by School Health Programs Office for both elementary and secondary levels, stipends are given to attendees. Please encourage your staff to attend! Elementary Save the Dates; Secondary Save the Dates

Vision and Hearing Screenings

Vision and Hearing Screening for school age children is required by state law (CA Ed Code, Section 49452).  The following children in SFUSD are to receive vision and hearing screening during the 2013-2014 school year:

  • Students in grades 1 and 4;
  • Referrals from other elementary and middle school grade levels;
  • Students being referred for initial educational testing;
  • Students with IEPs with upcoming Triennial Reviews.

Learn More

Tdap (Pertussis/Whooping Cough) Vaccine Requirement

All students entering 7th grade must have proof of a Tdap vaccine for school entry.  Additionally, all  8th – 12th  grade students transferring from outside of California who have not been vaccinated or existing students lacking evidence of Tdap must meet the requirement. Read WAD with Parent Notification Letters. For more information about the Tdap requirement, please go to

Peer Resources has a New Website! 

Peer Resources has a new website!  Learn more about Peer Resources model for youth leadership and empowerment through partnerships with schools and long-term impact over 34 years of operation: Visit

Office of Pupil Services Relocation

The Office of Pupil Services has relocated to 727 Golden Gate Avenue. Pupil Services can be contacted by phone at (415) 241-3030 or by fax at (415) 241-6213. View all SFCSD locations.

New Law Highlights Restorative Practices and Interventions
AB 1729 sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), requires in most cases that administrators use suspensions only after alternative disciplinary practices fail to correct student misbehavior. The new law expands those alternatives to include community service, restorative justice programs and positive behavior incentives. This law supports Tobacco/Alcohol/Drug Policies/ Intervention Protocols and Brief Intervention Trainings for alternative disciplinary activities as innovative ways to address student substance use:

2012-13 is a Tobacco Free School District Certification Year for SFUSD, including ensuring that “Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco Use Prohibited” signs are posted at all entrances to district property.  If you do not have a sign, please contact Donna Blanchard, Program Administrator at

Save the Dates for 2012-13 Professional Development and Meetings

Visit our Professional Development page to downoad our Save the Date documents for Elementary and Secondary Health Related Professional Development and Meetings for 2012-13. Dates and times subject to change.


SFCSD Program Highlights

Learn more about many of SFCSD’s PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS and how they support the district goals of Access & Equity, Achievement and Accountability while making a huge difference in the lives of our students and families. Download booklet (pdf) | Learn more about our Programs

SFCSD Video Collection

We've collected a lot of great videos from throughout our website and placed them (or links to them) in one handy place under our resources section. Each month we will feature one of our videos on the homepage (right column). Visit our video page.

Re-Think Your Drink

How much sugar does the average American consume in a year? More than 100 pounds … which is about quarter of a pound of sugar a day!  Download resources to help you Re-Think Your Drink.

Know Families that Need Extra Support?

Dial 2-1-1 to access hundreds of community services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all in multiple languages. Visit theDial 211 website for more information..

Healthy Food and Beverage Guidelines

Promote health and wellness for students, staff and families by making healthier choices. This policy, developed by School Health Programs, makes healthy recommendations for food and beverages offered at school activities and events. Questions? Contact Mark Elkin at (415) 242-2615 ext. 3217 or View Guidelines.

Fingerprinting Clearance Agencies

View locations of San Francisco County Department of Justice Fingerprinting Clearance agencies.  View Agencies.

Family Health Event Resource Binder

Planning for a family health event is easier than ever now that we've put all the information in one place.  The new Family Health Event Resource Binder has resourcs for creating nutrition education and physical activity stations. Plus, it's available in English, Spanish and Chinese.  Visit: Plan a Family Health Event.

Immunization Website Now Online

Visit Shots for School and find tools and resources for parents, schools, and providers about AB 354, and other school immunizations.

More resources...



Tobacco Use Prevention Education Grant Funded

SFUSD received notification March 7 that our Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Program grant has been funded. We are one of 14 LEAs out of 54 applicants to be awarded.

School Health Programs Receives Clean Air Award

The BREATHE California Award was received by SFUSD School Health Programs as the Outstanding Partner with BREATHE California, statewide air quality program. BREATHE California continues to collaborate with School Health Programs in programs related to the Tobacco Use Prevention Education Grant by:

  • Tobacco education and cessation programs that can be used for prevention education trainings
  • A working partnership with the school district nurses by providing a quit group in every high school
  • Trainings for the school district nurses so they can offer quit groups
  • Awareness sessions and brief intervention sessions
  • Collaborating events such as the Clear the Air FilmFest which encourages Teen Tackle Tobacco Leaders and other SFUSD students to attend and participate in the proposed activities of student’s films with anti-tobacco messages

BREATHE California is dedicated to fighting lung disease, advocating for clean air and promoting public health in our local communities. Since 1908, they have addressed the most serious health threats of our time through grassroots programs that empower individual, institutional and community change for better breathing and healthier living.

Student Wins Peacemaker Award

Congratulations to Fatima Albowyha for facilitating mediations with dozens of students and leading her peers in developing a safer, more understanding school culture. As a member of Abraham Lincoln High School's Peer Resources program, Fatima prides herself on helping other youth by listening to their concerns and helping them develop solutions to their conflicts. One of her teachers writes, "I feel safer and more comfortable on campus knowing that Fatima is walking the halls." For this work, Fatima is being honored by Community Boards as this year’s recipient of the Gail Sadalla Rising Peacemaker Award. For more information contact Pui Ling Tam (415) 749-3700 x3002.

Students at Francisco Middle School Combat Homophobia

Francisco Middle School Peer Resources have been fighting homophobia by leading peer education workshops in classes and by starting a lunchtime ally group, Allied Allegiance. The group received a $700 grant to bring together allies in learning about what LGBTQ youth face and what everyone can do to support LGBTQ youth in their schools and communities. Read The Bay Reporter blog.  Visit Peer Resources or their Facebook page.

Our Department Has A New Name

The Student Support Services Department (SSSD) will now be called the Student, Family, & Community Support Department  (SFCSD). The simple explanation is that our department is not just for “student” support. Everything we do to support students must intentionally consider and involve their families and the communities where they live. Moreover, we are extremely fortunate in San Francisco to have the support of the hundreds of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) with specialized skills and unique services that our department assists in establishing and promoting partnerships with our school communities. This essential connectedness also supports the transition of the district’s Community Schools initiative to SFCSD. Learn more...

Website Redesign Online Now

Looking for important department information has just gotten a little easier thanks to some tweaks we've made to our website.  We now feature all the major offices to help share the spotlight.  Plus, we have a new logo.  Take a look around and let us know if we missed anything.  Remember, this website is built for you.  Enjoy.

Our District Wins Health Award

We can all breathe a little easier knowing that our school district won the 2011 Achievements in Respiratory or "AIR" Health Award from California Breathing for implementing strategies making our school environments healthier for students and staff with asthma. To be eligible for the award, schools districts must have instituted air quality improvement efforts that address asthma-causing cleaning supplies, pesticide use, classroom pets, and maintenance problems.  Additionally, the districts must have demonstrated enforcement of state regulations reducing bus idling near schools, and banning smoking on school property.  Each school district will receive a monetary prize of $5000, a trophy and acknowledgement in the press.  The funds are provided through a federal grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. View 2011 Air Health Award winners at Californa Breathing website.

Need extra support during difficult times?
Dial 2-1-1 For Community Services and find advice on food stamps (SNAP), food banks, or housing resources for families in need? Dial 2-1-1 to access hundreds of community services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all in multiple languages.  Visit the Dial 211 website for more information..





ARCHIVED NEWS 2013-14      More Archives: 2012-2013 | 2011-2012 | 2010-2011

Graduating Seniors to Attend FRISCO DAY, Friday April 18

Friday April 18th is the 4th Annual FRISCO day (FRIday = Successful College Opportunities) where all SFUSD seniors will participate! This event is sponsored by The Office of San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee and SFUSD’s Superintendent Richard Carranza to increase the graduating seniors’ knowledge and awareness to make a successful transition to college. Graduating seniors will participate in workshops that will help them navigate the college system. At the event students will get to interact with faculty, student clubs and there will also be entertainment & lunch! View flyer.

SFUSD First Annual High School Gay-Straight Alliance Day

John O’Connell High School will be hosting the first annual SFUSD High School Gay-Straight Alliance Day on Friday, March 28th for all SFUSD GSA and/or LGBTQ students. View Flyer and Form. Please contact Erik Martinez with any questions.

LGBTQ Families Dinner Night is March 26

The SFUSD Student, Family, and Community Support Department and the Office of Family and Community Engagement invite you to our 3rd annual Families Dinner, LGBTQ Pride District Wide. Wednesday March 26 from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m at Aptos Middle School. Learn more and RSVP.

Oral Health Month

Read WAD including information and flyers for the following:

  • FREE DENTAL CARE:  Community dental providers will be offering free dental exams and some treatments during the first week of February to celebrate National “Give Kids a Smile Day.” 
  • DENTAL POSTER CONTEST  (Elementary Schools)
    The San Francisco Dental Society will sponsor its 38th Annual Dental Poster Contest.  The theme this year will be “Join the Super Smile Team!” Posters are due to Cathi Fuller, School Nurse, at SFUSD School Health Programs, 1515 Quintara, by Monday, March 10th, 2014.
  • DENTAL CAMP (Secondary Students)
    The University of the Pacific. Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry will sponsor a Dental Camp for middle school and high school students to learn about careers in dentistry and oral health from 9am-3pm on Saturday, February 1, 2014.  Applications are due on January 17, 2014.

The 2014 School Planning Retreat Is March 1

The School Planning Retreat provides the opportunity to work together as a team on your school's Balanced Scorecard, academic plan, and budget for the 2014-15 school year. Talk to your school’s principal about how you can attend and participate in school planning.

MARCH: Nutrition Awareness

This month’s Student, Family & Community Support Department theme focuses on promoting the SFUSD Wellness Policy and providing nutrition education lessons in the prevention of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Schools can encourage healthier eating by sponsoring activities that promote a diet which includes colorful fruits & vegetables, nutrient-rich foods and water, while limiting foods that are high in fat, salt and added sugars, such as soda, chips and candy. Read WAD for more information, Curriculum, and activity ideas: Elementary | Secondary. Visit our Nutrition Education Program website for more ideas!

Harvest of the Month is Cabbbage

Student Intervention Team (SIT) February Newsletter

Please read our February Newsletter for program updates, monthly appreciations and upcoming trainings.  February is Physical Activities Awareness Month!  Don t miss our intern corner with information and resources related to physical activity and mental health.  Finally, catch our  Intern in the spotlight  this month, read about her exciting journey that led to her SIT.   See Newsletter | Read more about SIT

FEBRUARY - Physical Activities Awareness | Sweet Potatoes

San Francisco Unified School District ceelbrates Physical Activity Awareness Month throughout Feburary. Schools are encouraged to hold events and teach lessons which pomote physical activity. Promote staff wellness or organize a school-wide or classroom physical activity promotion event or activity such as a bulletin board, poster contest, junp-a-thon, parent workshops, and more. Read WAD for activities and more information.

Harvest of the Month is Sweet Potatoes

View full list of Health Awareness themes for this school year.

Learn How to Teach Puberty on February 13

A professional development opportunity for all Grade 3 – 5 educators, "How to Teach Puberty" will cover puberty curricula/resources and offer strategies for teaching about growth and development. Stipend available. Participants are asked to pre-register by February 7, 2014. 

Read WAD with registration information | Sign up online

LGBTQ Families Dinner Night Scheduled for March 26

SAVE THE DATE! This year our LGBTQ Familes Dinner Night will be held Wednesday, March 26! Watch for further info...

SFUSD Affordable Care Act Enrollment Outreach Days

Do you need insurance? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers access to affordable health insurance coverage. SFUSD will host Health Care Enrollment Outreach Days. SFUSD staff will be available to offer enrollment support at a high school in your neighborhood. Attend a HEALTH CARE SIGN UP DAY at ANY High School near you:

  • January 22, 2014, 9:00am-6:00pm
    Washington High School, Wallenberg High School
  • January 23, 2014, 9:00am-6:00pm
    Galileo High School, Mission High School, O’Connell High School, School of the Arts
  • January 27, 2014, 9:00am-6:00pm
    Lincoln High School, Lowell High School
  • January 30, 2014, 9:00am-6:00pm
    Balboa High School, Burton High School, Marshall High School

Downloads: Schedule and Map | Get Covered Flyer | Outreach and Education Materials (.zip) | More Info

LGBTQ Elementary Family Diversity PD on February 5

Elementary certificated staff, learn how to create a safe and supportive classroom for all students and families at the Family Diversity: "Talking about Gay and Lesbian Topics in Elementary School" PD on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Learn best practices, district requirements, and receive new curriculum “In Our Mother’s House”. Stipend provided. (Registration deadline: Monday, February 3, 2014)

View WAD to learn more | Register Now


Get Real! January Performances for 4th-5th grade

A free YouthAware Educational Theatre play, Get Real! uses short scenes to educate & promote awareness about HIV & AIDS infection, prevention, and issues such as peer pressure, self-esteem, and individual responsibility. Performance dates: Wednesday, January 8th to Thursday, January 30th at New Conservatory Theater Center. Reserve seats soon as performances are booked on a first come first served basis. View Get Real! WAD with Fact Sheet.

JANUARY: Building Friendships and Healthy Relationships

San Francisco Unified School District celebrates Building Friendships and Healthy Relationships Month throughout January.  Schools are encouraged to hold events and teach lessons about friendships and healthy relationships including creating "Friendship Recipes" and "Mix it Up at Lunch Day". Read WAD. What you can do: Elementary | Secondary

Harvest of the Month is Mandarins

View full list of Health Awareness themes for this school year.

Student Intervention Team (SIT) January Newsletter

Please see our January Newsletter for important updates, appreciations, and upcoming trainings. In recognition of “Build Friendships and Healthy Relationships” month, read about the Search Institute’s research on developmental assets, relationships, and communities improving the lives of young people in our “Intern Corner”. Don’t miss out on reading who’s in the intern spotlight this month! See Newsletter | Read more about SIT

HIV/AIDS Prevention - Be Aware, Be Safe, Be Responsible

Since 1991, as part of the world-wide effort to call attention to the AIDS pandemic and to promote understanding, compassion, and prevention strategies directed at HIV infection, SFUSD has named the month of December HIV/AIDS Prevention Month. This occurs in conjunction with World AIDS Day, December 1. Read WAD for full information including what you can do: ES and Secondary.

Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

SFUSD World AIDS Commemoration is December 2 through December 6, 2013. To participate, complete the Agreement to host a panel of the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt Display, which includes a commitment to attend the training on November 25, 2013. Only 20 panels are available this year. The attached Agreement MUST be submitted by November 18, 2013, and are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. Read WAD

DECEMBER: HIV/AIDS Prevention - Be Aware, Be Safe, Be Responsible

Since 1991, as part of the world-wide effort to call attention to the AIDS pandemic and to promote understanding, compassion, and prevention strategies directed at HIV infection, SFUSD has named the month of December HIV/AIDS Prevention Month. This occurs in conjunction with World AIDS Day, December 1. Read WAD for full information including what you can do: ES and Secondary.

Harvest of the Month is Kiwi

Student Intervention Team (SIT) December Newsletter

Please see our December Newsletter for SIT updates, appreciations, and who s in the SIT spotlight this month.  Check out our intern corner, which includes an article with valuable tips for caregivers about reducing family stress.  December training announcements, resource information and crisis lines are also provided in the intern corner of this month s Newsletter.  From all of us at SIT, Happy Holidays! See Newsletter | Read more about SIT


E-rate Internet Safety Instruction - November

E-rate is the Federal program designed to bring Internet connectivity and
telecommunications to schools. The program provides discounts to schools to afford internet access. In order to continue District funding, each student must receive one lesson of internet safety instruction. Read WAD

NOVEMBER - Violence Prevention/Stand Up for Peace and Safety

San Francisco Unified School District commemorates Violence Prevention Month throughout November.Schools are encouraged to hold events and teach lessons related to violence prevention to assist with enhancing a positive school climate. Read WAD. What you can do: ES | Secondary 

Violence Prevention Snapshot: We have some hopeful information from our last administration of the YRBS.  We still have much to do, but it is gratifying to see our efforts to create safer learning environments for all of our students is paying off. View snapshot (pdf).

Harvest of the Month is Pears

Red Ribbon Week October 28 - November 1

Staff and students, wear your Red Ribbons during Red Ribbon Week to demonstrate your unified commitments to a healthy, drug free lifestyle. Read WAD

Get your Healthy Schools Certificate!

The “Healthy Schools Checklist” was developed to assist school staff in ensuring the health and safety of all students by being prepared to respond to illnesses, injuries and health emergencies. Schools that submit a completed copy of the “Healthy Schools Checklist” will receive a Healthy School Certificate from School Health Programs. Checklists must be submitted by by October 30, 2013. Read WAD to learn more.

OCTOBER - Be Drug Free | Root Vegetables

View all monthly health themes for the school year.

Student Intervention Team (SIT)

Read our October Newsletter for this month’s highlights, appreciations and mental health resources. Valuable information regarding Confidentiality and Child Abuse Reporting, as well as community trainings available to mental health interns is included in the “Intern Corner” of this month’s Newsletter. See October Newsletter.

SEPTEMBER - Develop a Healthy School Community | Apples

This month’s School Health Programs campaign, Develop a Healthy School Community, focuses on starting the school year with developing healthy habits for the entire year. Read Health Awareness WAD and Harvest Newsletter: Develop a Healthy School Community | Apples

Fall 2013 Orientation for Community Agencies Serving SFUSD Students

All community agencies serving SFUSD are encouraged to participate! (Providers of health-related programs and services are expected to attend this annualtraining) on Monday, September 16th, 9am-12 noon at School Health Programs - 1515 Quintara. Please RSVP by Friday, August 30 by clicking here.

Questions?   Please contact us at or call (415) 241-6000, ext. 3032


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