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The Nutrition Education Project website is a resource for teachers and staff to support student academic performance through nutrition education and physical activity promotion. Learn more.




For better health, eat fruits and vegetables and be active every day!
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May 2016
Summer BINGO

Nutrition Awareness MONTH
March’s Student, Family & Community Support Department theme focuses on promoting the SFUSD Wellness Policy and providing nutrition education lessons in the prevention of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Schools can encourage healthier eating by sponsoring activities that promote a diet which includes colorful fruits & vegetables, nutrient-rich foods and water, while limiting foods that are high in fat, salt and added sugars, such as soda, chips and candy. 

Healthy Party Ideas
Leave the candy and sugary snacks out of the classroom and teach students and parents/caregivers about the importance of healthy snacks and being physically active. Healthy party resources

Marshall NOWs Highlighted in School Lunch News Nutrition Outreach Workers (NOW's) at Thurgood Marshall High School, Nancy and Kevin are featured in SFUSD's School Nutrition Services Newsletter - What's For Lunch? Read the SNS newsletter/article.

Staff Healthy Food and Beverage Guidelines Choosing healthier food and beverage options begins in our workplace. Follow these guidelines for meetings and events including: fresh fruits and veggies, "spa water", and physical activity breaks. Questions? Contact Mark Elkin at (415) 242-2615 ext. 3217 or

Nutrition and Physical education materials!
The Resource Tub at your elementary school site is full of nutrition education and physical activity promotion materials. Ask your Health Advocate or principal where the resource tub will be located.  Read story for more information | Download materials list (pdf).

Attend a Food & Fitness Advisory Committee Meeting The vision of the Food and Fitness Advisory Committee (FFC) is that SFUSD students have healthy appetizing school food and regular physical activity; and know why these are important for their wellbeing, their ability to learn, and their environment. Attend a meeting and contribute to the revisions of the SFUSD Wellness Policy and more. Monthly meetings are from 3:30 to 5:00 PM and are open to the public. Find meeting dates, agendas and more.

CREATE A Healthy Classroom
Learn new ways to support your students' academic success. Visit Create a Healthy Classroom.

FITNESSGRAM Data FITNESSGRAM data for SFUSD students is now posted in our Get the Facts section. See how they did.




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The Nutrition and Physical Activity Resource Bin

Attention all SFUSD Elementary Schools! Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

Scenario One: At the start of the year, many of your students tell you that their former teacher used to give them M&Ms for finishing all of their homework and that it made them work really hard. They are requesting Skittles this year.

Scenario Two: The candy and chips situation has gotten out of control in your classroom. You want to make your classroom healthier but do not know where to start…

Scenario Three: After lunch your class is getting ready for science exploration when Tia's mother comes in with 24 double chocolate cupcakes and 2 jugs of Sunny D to celebrate her birthday. 

Looking for resources to help? 

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