School Counseling

School Counseling
Theresa Jahangir, M.A., PPSC
Program Administrator, SFUSD
Counseling and Social Services
20 Cook St.
San Francisco, CA 94118
phone:  415-750-4500 ext. 1003
fax:  415-750-8653

Welcome to School Counseling

School Counselors work in Middle and High Schools in SFUSD.  School Counselors are master’s level educational professionals with training in education and counseling with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential. In many cases, School Counselors are the reason that SFUSD students come to class ready to learn. 

As we prepare our students for 21st Century College and careers through the New Graduation Requirements, School Counselors are even more pivotal in the academic success of SFUSD students. 

When SFUSD increased the number of School Counselors serving secondary students in 2007, there was a 13% percent increase in the number of students who graduate UC/CSU eligible, a 43% increase in San Francisco State University applications and a 36% increase in SFUSD students enrolling in CCSF in the past two years.  In addition from 2007 to 2009, School Counselors met individually with 20,036 students in grades 7, 10 and 12 and 5,765 parents to discuss high school planning and post-secondary options. 

Clearly, School Counselors are key in preparing students for college.  As the district has a renewed commitment to ensuring the academic success of traditionally underserved students, each of our School Counselors will play a key role in this culture shift. 

Our website is a resource for School Counselors in SFUSD to access forms and job-related information.  In addition, the website provides information about the role and impact of school counselors in SFUSD. 

Impact of School Counselors

  • “The School Counselor keeps the school a safe, comfortable environment … she supports me when it’s hard to make the right decisions.”  --8th Grade Student, Alice Fong Yu
  • “Without School Counselors, children in the dependency system would be without an immediate, daily resource and comfort. The unavailability or lack of this resource and support would negatively affect these children tremendously.”  --Margaret Carlson, Attorney at Law (attorney for foster youth in SFUSD)
  • “The Marina Counseling team is essential to meeting the needs of students …I can’t imagine the school functioning without them.” --Aileen Murphy, Principal, Marina Middle School  
  • “There are so many students and so little time… Having a dedicated School Counselor is essential to our school for these reasons.” --Peter Haslam, Mathematics Department Chair, Math and Science Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School
  • “School Counselors provide a critical role in supervising our graduate students as they learn to the skills, values, and knowledge necessary to advocate for, support, and empower youth in San Francisco schools to succeed as students.”
    --Christine Yeh, Ph.D., School Counseling Program, University of San Francisco


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