Asthma Management and Education Services

Asthma Management
and Education Services

Asthma Education Coordinator
Student, Family, and Community Support Department
1515 Quintara Street
San Francisco, CA 94116
Phone: (415) 242-2615
Fax: (415) 242-2618

SFUSD Tools for Schools Coordinator
Department of Public Health
Occupational Safety & Health
(OSH) Section
101 Grove Street, Room 217
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 554-2875
Fax: (415) 554-2562


Open Airways for Schools is designed to teach children how to manage their asthma on a daily basis. The program consists of six 40-minute lessons for children with asthma aged 8 to 11. The lessons are taught on a voluntary basis by health care professionals and dedicated laypersons that have experience with asthma.

In addition to the lessons, take-home assignments are given to the children to complete with their parents/guardians. This helps to increase family communication about asthma and to encourage children to rehearse new skills at home. Often parents cannot attend school-site programs because they work or care for children at home.

School Site Steps for Implementing Open Airways for Schools

  1. Identify Students With Asthma; call the Asthma Education Coordinator for assistance
  2. Enroll Students in the OAS Class
  3. Schedule the Open Airways For Schools Classes
  4. Send Memo to Teachers to Release Children from Class
  5. Start the Open Airways For Schools Classes
  6. Schedule an In-Service On Asthma for Teachers & Staff
  7. Know that you are playing a very important role in helping your school to become
    asthma friendly

School Site Steps for Implementing Tools for Schools (TfS)

  1. Identify a Tools for Schools (TfS) Site Liaison
  2. The TfS Site Liaison assists the school to prevent and solve common indoor air quality
    problems using the Tools for Schools Action Kit
  3. After receiving training and with the support of the District Tools for Schools Coordinator, the TfS Site Liaison works with key school personnel and District TfS Coordinator to prepare a TfS Action Plan
  4. The TfS District Coordinator works with the school site to help the school initiate changes



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