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Yana Mayevskaya

Yana Mayevskaya

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Burton High School
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A Healthier After School Food Option:

The Supper Program

by Amy Adkins

Many thanks to Student Nutrition Services, Custodian Services, Principals and our ExCEL Site Coordinators that supported and implemented a successful launch of the After School Supper Program. This program is a critical component of SFUSD’s goal of ensuring that students have access to nutritious food.  While ExCEL After School Programs has always offered a snack, this “Super Snack” helps to fill the gap between lunch and dinner that students often experience.  We want every student to fully participate in all that our after school programs have to offer and by providing a more substantial and nutritious meal, students can fully benefit from their educational and enrichment activities. Since this meal is served by Student Nutrition staff, there has been the added bonus of students eating in the cafeteria and after school program staff not having to be responsible for food distribution.

Similar to the lunch program, supper meals are freshly prepared and offer healthy proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and milk. The Supper program is in no way intended to take away from family dinners. However, many children arrive home very hungry (school lunch can be as early as 11 am!) and reach for high calorie snack foods. This program is funded through the Federal Child & Adult Care Food Program. Meals are prepared daily by Revolutions Foods and Student Nutrition employees. At Glenn Park Elementary, one of the first roll out sites, ExCEL Site Coordinator Susan Tramontana shared that the transition from snack to ‘super snack’ has been a huge success, “Our students like having more food choice during after school.” 

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The ExCEL After School Programs mission is to create and sustain "safe havens" at public schools where students and community members can access expanded learning opportunities and integrated education, health, social service, and cultural programs in the out-of-school hours.



RP cohort schedule revised

The Restorative Practices Cohort meeting schedule has been revised. Please make sure you know when your cohort will be meeting next!

posted 10/16/14


October Monthly meeting

Are you ready for our October 21st Site Coordinator/Lead Agency Meeting? Check out our agenda and see what we have in store for you!

posted 10/15/14


physical activity cohort

It’s time to get moving ExCEL Middle/High School Sites!  Please join your fellow ExCEL After School Program Leaders as we navigate the waters of the Physical Activity Section of the QAP...putting the goals into action. Our first Physical Activity Cohort Meeting Tuesday, October 28 from 10:30-12:00 at 20 Cook Street (1st floor). Click here to register. In review of many of your QAP Goals already, I look forward to supporting your efforts. I am confident that through this process, together we will create after school communities that support students being active and healthy.

updated 10/22/14


October Harvest of the Month

Winter squash is October's Harvest of the Month and delicious recipes and fun facts can be found on our Nutrition and Physical Activity page.

posted 9/18/14


Updated 13-14 Program Profiles

2013-14 School Program Profies have been updated. You can find the profiles on the Evaluation page.

posted 9/15/14


2014-15 academic liaison workplan

The new Academic Liaison Workplan is now online! This workplan is due on the day of our first Academic Liaison Meeting on September 23rd.

posted 8/15/14


All about excel

Have a question about invoices? What form to use for Educational Excursions? Familiarize yourself with our new and revised information for the 2014-15 school year!

posted 8/8/14


2013-14 Program Profiles

2013-14 School Site Program Profiles are now online!

posted 8/6/14


new and revised excel documents

Please check out our new and revised CBO Verification Form for Subcontractors, Incident Reporting Form, Allowable Expenses and Invoice Dos and Don'ts.

posted 8/1/14


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