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Lights On! After School 2015

Lights On! After School is a nationwide event used to bring awareness to After School Programs. Programs across the nation celebrate with various activities such as performances, showcases, community block parties, and Open Houses just to name a few. This year’s Light On! After School event took place on or around October 22nd. Here is what some of our ExCEL Programs did around the city.

Read story with photos from various schools. (Above photo from Francis Scott Key.)

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ExCEL After School Programs
Expanded Collaborative for Excellence in Learning

The ExCEL After School Programs mission is to create and sustain "safe havens" at public schools where students and community members can access expanded learning opportunities and integrated education, health, social service, and cultural programs in the out-of-school hours.



After School Information

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the After School Program at a particular school, please refer to our list of schools and contact the Site Coordinator directly.

posted 1/15/16



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