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Student, Family, and Community Support Department Priorities

What we BELIEVE and what we will DO in support of our goals....

Goal 1 - Access & Equity

1. ALL students must be in school every day!  Action: SFSD will increase ATTENDANCE and reduce TRUANCY of historically underrepresented student groups (African American, Latino, and Pacific Islanders) so that they are provided with the same instructional time as their peer groups, thus increasing their opportunity to succeed.

2. Students must have school environments that promote academic achievement and healthy behaviors. Action: Support the implementation of RESTORATIVE PRACTICES in all schools to promote positive, relationship-based communities that foster students’ sense of belonging, positive responsibility, and accountability to community. Build staff capacity to utilize fair process, restorative conferencing, and alternatives to suspension and expulsion consistently, thus keeping students in school and engaged in learning.

3. All students are unique individuals with different strengths and needs.  Action: Assist school communities to identify and cultivate student strengths, and provide students INCREASED INDIVIDUALIZED SUPPORT programs and services that will assist their social and emotional development.

4. All students must believe in themselves! Action: Provide support and promote multiple opportunities for our struggling learners to increase their self-esteem, self efficacy, and effort optimism to achieve success both in academics and in life.

Goal 2 – Student Achievement

5. All students and their families must know what is required to graduate high school and how to access college/career opportunities. Action: Provide effective personalized counseling support and actively engage students and their families in a variety of Post-Secondary Success programs (such as: Gear-Up, Bridge to Success and SF Promise) that support the attainment of the A-G requirements for high school graduation while developing and pursuing a path for college and/or career success.

6. All students must have access to comprehensive health education to maximize healthy choices. Action: SFUSD will provide District adopted Health Education Curriculum that complies with the California State Health Education Standards and a consistent method of curriculum delivery for all students in order that they will gain health literacy.   This will include providing ongoing teacher professional development of research based curriculum, and best practices as well as technical support in order that students will gain the skills necessary to make health promoting decisions to support student attendance and academic success.

7. All students should discover their hidden talents, find their joy, and pursue their passion! Action: After School learning programs will extend classroom learning to provide students with a wide variety of rich and exciting experiences outside their classrooms where they can learn more about themselves, unlock their potential, and perhaps even create a dream for their future that they had never envisioned.

Goal 3 – Accountability

8. ALL of our schools MUST be safe and positive environments where ALL children can grow and thrive! Action: We will work to create safe schools by ensuring that school communities are free of bullying and violence. This will include offering school-wide health awareness events, professional development, and effective strategies and programs aimed to addressing incidents of bullying.  While we keep in mind our most vulnerable students, such as our LGBTQ youth and students with special needs, our goal is to create a safer school community for all students, faculty, and staff.

9. We will succeed with the support of our families and by engaging them in meaningful participation. Action: We will support our school communities and district offices in understanding and fully implementing the district’s newly revised “Family Engagement Plan.”  The plan will provide every family with the knowledge and the opportunity to advocate for their children’s success and to participate effectively in efforts that will advise the district on specific ways we can improve relationships with our families, demonstrating that we value families as critical stakeholders in ALL district efforts.


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