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Ending the Year
With a Bang!

Some tips and tricks to consider:

  • Thank Your Community
    Remember all those in your school community that have impacted your program, like principals, receptionists, custodians, cafeteria staff, teachers, etc.  Make them cards, bring them a healthy treat or flash mob them! They will appreciate being recognized.
  • Invite Parents to the Party
    Make sure to invite families to any closing events or even just to come by during the last week of program. They will appreciate celebrating with their children. Try parent/staff vs. student sporting events, movie nights, or just let them hang out in their child's activity.
  • Reflect
    We have put in the time and energy to build relationships and connect with youth all year. Put the same effort into reflecting on the year and saying goodbye. Emphasize that you will be looking forward to seeing them next year!
  • Celebrate Wellness
    Let's think creatively about the treats that we serve during the end of the year celebrations. Our "deconstructed pizza" made with a granola crust, yogurt, and fruit was delicious! Also try all-fruit ice pops, fruit kabobs, 100% fruit juice leathers, frozen smoothies, and dark chocolate dipped pretzels and strawberries.
  • Recognize Your Staff...
    ...For anything and everything they do for us, the kids, the families and the program. They are the ones that keep our programs going. The ones that are flexible when plans change. The ones that plan amazing lessons on a budget. And the ones who day in and day out just show up. Appreciate their awesomeness with a thoughtful Thank You note, email or Shout Out. Give your staff the chance to appreciate each other in a closing circle before the year ends.



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