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Foster Youth

We asked our foster youth about their goals for the future......

“I want to be a fashion model, a fashion designer and on television.  I want to be truthful about who I am and not false.”


“Get a good job.  Get into sports.  Get married.  Be successful and supportive of my family and friends.”


“Be a good father to my son.  Get a Bachelor’s Degree.  I want to own a home and get a good job.”


“I plan to finish my education.  I’d like to transfer to San Francisco State University.  I will major in either communication or criminal justice.”


“I want to become a very successful radio personality.  I’d also like my own television show.  I’d like to give back to foster kids.  Right now at age 24, there is no more support for foster kids.  I’d like to help them until they reach 26.”


“I’d like to transfer to San Francisco State University and get a degree in Art. I’d like to have a steady place to live in San Francisco because I love it here.”

-- Chris

“There’s a lot I want do.  I’d like to be a lawyer or work with kids.  I want to talk with people about their problems in the world.  I love people.  Everyone is so different, they intrigue me.”



More Thoughts . . .

  • “At my school, there were a lot of services – Wellness, clubs, GSA – Wellness helped a lot. [I] ended up going to Wellness Center – they helped me a lot, they have one group for foster youth.”
  • The FYS program “Taught me that Foster Youth have rights and all, and that we could get scholarships just by being a foster youth.”
  • “All foster youth who are not stable, should get help with college because we all need the help and they help you get started in the college life.”
  • “I feel all in-care and after-care should participate in a positive beneficial program to explain your education options.” Guardian Scholars Summer Academy End Of Year Party
  • The Guardian Scholars Summer Academy “is the coolest wrap around education program for emancipated foster youth. Staff are very passionate and know how to connect with youth.”
  • The Guardian Scholars Summer Academy “really helps new students get ready for school. I have been waiting for a program like this for a long time.”
  • The Guardian Scholars Summer Academy “let me and others realize about how many resources are out there for us.  The program really helps students realize there is another way out.”
  • The Guardian Scholars Summer Academy “gives you direction or at least an idea of where you are going and all kinds of resources.”
  • The Guardian Scholars Summer Academy is a program that really helps you getting in to college; it’s a good motivator for school.”



Foster Youth Services  

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