California Student Safety & Violence Prevention Act

Discrimination Against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Students
State AB 537

AB 537, the California Student Safety and Violence Prevention ACT of 2000, changed California’s Education Code by adding sexual orientation and gender to the Code’s umbrella nondiscrimination provisions. The Act became effective on January 1, 2000. Cal. Educ. Code §§ 200 et seq.

  • Students use harassing language or gestures in the hallways all the time. How can we intervene each and every time? Remember that it only takes a moment to remind a student that their language is inappropriate. State that “This language is inappropriate: Please stop!” and move on. We don’t always have the time to provide a full educational intervention.
  • Students don’t find using inappropriate language harassing, but I do! Then the language is harassing. If you find an action or use of language offensive/harassing then, it is. We all have a right to work and learn in safe environments.
  • What is the full process I should follow in harassment cases? There are several ways to respond beyond the immediate request to stop the behavior. An SFUSD incident report could be filed with the dean/assistant principal. A formal intervention can be set up with the administration and the offending student(s). If there is a pattern of this harassing behavior, parents/guardians should be included in the discussion. Disciplinary consequences can be found in the Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook.
  • What resources can help me in the classroom with issues of slurs or verbal and physical harassment? There are materials available within the Comprehensive School Health Education Curriculum, grades K through 12. This includes classroom activities and approved outside speakers. This website and our SFUSD Health Education website offer curriculum and resources which can be downloaded for classroom use.


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