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How Our Program Works


How Mentoring for Success Works

One to One Mentoring

  • The program matches adults with students to meet weekly for approximately one hour a week, preferably on a specific day and time.
  • Students are referred to the mentor program by school staff. Students must willingly participate and parent consent is required.
  •  Mentors are provided with extensive training
  • A Mentor Program Coordinator at your site manages all aspect of the program to support mentors and their student mentees.
  • Mentors engage in a variety of asset building activities with students on school grounds. The Mentor Program Coordinator will have lots of ideas for activities and games.
  • Group activities that engage students and their mentors in leadership development, team building activities, and community service are held during the school year and in the summer months.

Group Mentoring

  • A group mentoring program that matches incoming 9th grade students who have had problems with attendance in 8th grade
  • Students meet regularly in a small group model to get them connected to school and to plan for high school success

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