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Erin Farrell, MSW, PPSC is a Learning Support Professional with experience in program management, school social work, mentoring, primary healthcare, mental health and family services. Ms. Farrell has coordinated the program since 2007 by training and supporting the site-based coordinators; developing outreach and training events for mentors; linking to community partners and the program evaluator; and disseminating evaluation findings.

District Program Coordinator

Laurie Vargas, M.S., is a Learning Support Professional with experience in the areas of advocacy, program coordination, mental health, and case management. Ms. Vargas has assisted in the development and implementation of counseling activities as well as providing professional development on a variety of topics. Additionally Ms. Vargas has been a dedicated mentor for over three years.

District Program Coordinator

Kate Calimquim, MSW, is a School Climate Coordinator with extensive experience working with young people and their families in a variety of systems. They also have experience in program management and development, community organizing, community based mental health, and case management. Kate joined the Mentoring For Success team in October 2016 and is spearheading the effort to support Project Arrive, our group mentoring program, to schools that serve 6-8thgraders. Kate will focus her efforts in supporting School Social Workers and other wellness staff in establishing and maintaining group mentoring in their schools.

Mentor Program Coordinators—School Sites

Learning Support Professionals with MSW, MFT, and school counseling degrees, School Nurses, and Wellness Coordinators serve as Program Site Coordinators to recruit, organize, train, and support mentors and mentees in their weekly meetings, monthly activities, and special mentor program events.

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