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In Your Community  - Service Learning

Mentoring for Success offers a service learning component for all schools in our program. The goal of these projects is to empower youth and give them opportunities for meaningful participation.

Service projects can range from short term projects (accomplished over the course of a few weeks) to long term projects that are youth-led and take a semester to complete. It is important to assess your program’s capacity for service learning before choosing the project at your school.

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a high quality service project involving both educational and service based components. Projects encourage participants to reflect on the impact the project had on the community, on the group, and on themselves. To achieve this the program includes the following four steps:

□ Investigation/research
□ Developing a project
□ Facilitating the project
□ Reflection


Each school site is assigned a Service Learning Coordinator (SLC) at the beginning of the school year. The role of the SLC is to lead the service learning project at your school. As the Mentor Program Coordinator, your role is to determine the capacity of your program, identify interested program participants, and/or programs at your school (such as clubs or sports teams) with which you may partner on the project.

Based on factors such as buy-in from matches, resources available at the school, program size, and program capacity, Service Learning will look different at each school site. There are two different implementation options for service learning. These tracks offer a general project guideline, based on whether your school will be doing a short term or long term project.

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