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In Your Community (Field Trips)

Field trips are a great way for mentors and mentees to explore the resources in our communities while having a great time! Below you will find a list of field trip suggestions, both for individual matches and for a large group of matches, as well as any forms that you might need to fill out before you go on your adventure.

Individual Field Trips | Group Field Trips | Supporting Documents | Registration

Supporting Documents

  • For Individuals

    • Field Trip Permission Form:   English | Chinese | Spanish
      Be sure to get your match’s permission slip signed by their guardian before you take a trip!
    • Volunteer Drivers Form
      We strongly encourage people to take public transit. However, if you are going to drive to your field trip destination, make sure to fill out this form and give it to your Mentor Coordinator beforehand.
  • For Mentor Coordinators

    • Booking an SFUSD School Bus
      SFUSD buses may be reserved for a fee for field trips between the hours of 9:45am and 1:30pm in San Francisco. Groups may use busses for short field trips


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