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January is National Mentoring Month

Mentoring For Success is grateful for the many school district employees who spend an extra hour every week to give special attention to their mentees. January is National Mentoring Month and while we celebrate all mentors, in January we want to send a special shout out to the mentors below for their exceptional attention to mentoring their students.

Mentor Recognition

Kathy Babcock is a School District Nurse who coordinates 504 Plans from School Health Programs for students throughout the district. Many years ago Kathy made a connection with her student mentee when she was at Willie Brown Elementary School. She recently began to officially mentor Chastity at Roosevelt Middle School. Kathy meets with her mentee every Monday (even on Kathy’s birthday), attends the schools’ monthly activities, and finds time in her busy schedule to mentor her student because she finds value in it. Kathy has been in the district for 15 years and has been involved in Mentoring For Success for over 8 years since its inception as either a coordinator or a 1:1 or group mentor. She has served as a mentor at Flynn, Willie Brown, Burton, and now at Roosevelt. Kathy’s mentee loves her! Kathy is very kind to her, has a relationship with the family, and advocates for her education. She is a very compassionate mentor and deserves to be acknowledged for her long term commitment. Not only is Kathy a fabulous mentor, she has many job duties as a School District Nurse which are very time consuming.

Cesar Flores is a Student Advisor who has been mentoring for six years at Martin Luther King Jr Middle School. Cesar is always available for his mentee and goes over and above to ensure his mentee’s success.   Cesar is patient and dedicated. He spends countless hours working with his mentee and provides outstanding support to all of his students. He supports vulnerable youth with food donations, shoes, family support, and a range of other coordinated information and services.

Kim Anderson, a Special Education Teacher at Fairmount Elementary School, has been mentoring for four years. She has been a consistent, solid level of support for her current mentee for 3 years. She has built relationships with the student’s family and helps to celebrate the student/family’s successes and strengths. Kim demonstrates unconditional love and positive regard for her student, prioritizes making a connection with the family, has consistent meetings, meets with the student outside of school in community, and continues being in touch even after her mentee moved to Middle School. The best way to describe her is consistent, consistent, consistent which is the most important thing for mentoring to have a long-lasting positive impact. Despite having a very full personal family life she remains committed to her students including her mentee.

Mika Moore is a Special Education Teacher at Everett Middle School who has been mentoring for 4 years. She always goes the extra mile for all of her students. She also takes the extra time to mentor and she does it consistently! Mika is patient, all loving, innovative, forgiving, passionate--if we had more teachers and mentors likes Mika, our schools would be better places. She volunteered to cook sugar cookies for our mentor/mentee lunch. At 9pm the night before the event, she went to the store and got the cookies and sprinkles. All with a smile on her face!

Roxanne Huie is a Speech Therapist who has mentored at Bret Harte Elementary School since 2010. She has a great understanding of her role as a mentor--she is calm, positive, and reliable. This year she noticed a quiet student who nobody else had noticed and is so consistently supportive for her.

Debra Johnson is an RSP Teacher at George Washington Carver Elementary School who has been mentoring for 4 years. She is warm, nonjudgmental, accepting, thoughtful, and hard working. Debra constantly finds fun and exciting activities to do in the community with her mentee, and meets regularly to build a good relationship with her student mentee.

Barry O’Driscoll is a PE Teacher at Visitacion Valley Middle School who has been mentoring for 2 years. He meets with his mentee every week, attends monthly mentoring events, and works well with all of his students.  As a mentor he demonstrates consistency, punctuality, and flexibility. Barry builds strong relationships. He is a positive role model who took his mentee to the Warriors game and House of Air.

Andrea Haun is a School District Nurse who has been mentoring at Leonard R Flynn since 2013. Andrea has been an incredible mentor for a student that needs a lot of support. Andrea has patiently worked with this student, and helped her feel comfortable and safe. Through games and consistency, she has helped her mentee grow in confidence. Andrea brings compassion, commitment, consistency, patience, and fun to the mentoring. She is amazing-- just a great mentor! She’s there all the time for her mentee, and makes her feel special.

Annaluz Rockefeller is a Pre-school Teacher at Dr. William Cobb Elementary School who is a new mentor. Annaluz takes advantage of training opportunities to make her mentoring the best it can be. She has a positive attitude and has been a thoughtful, helpful, and reliable team player. Annaluz helped create a Turkey centerpiece for the mentor/mentee Thanksgiving activity and is full of ideas to build community through the program. Annaluz is very kind and genuine, reaching out to make a difference in her mentee’s life.

Allison Harman is a Literacy Coach at George Washington Carver Elementary School who has been very consistent and thoughtful about finding fun out-of-school time activities with her mentee. She works really hard on engaging her student to make sure that she feels special and welcome at school.

Julie McElhatton, is a School District Nurse at Malcolm X Academy who has been mentoring for three years. She meets every week with her mentee, meets program expectations, and introduces her student to new experiences. Julie allows her mentee to build on her peer friendships by inviting them to do activities together--last month they did a bread-stick making activity. Her approach is creative and solutions focused. Julie often takes the time to have meaningful conversations with her mentee, taking advantage of teachable moments whenever they arise.

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