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Mentoring For Success is grateful for the many school district employees who spend an extra hour every week to give special attention to their mentees. January is National Mentoring Month and while we celebrate all mentors, in January we want to send a special shout out to the following mentors for their exceptional attention to mentoring their students: Kathy Babcock, Cesar Flores, Kim Anderson, Mika Moore, Roxanne Huie, Debra Johnson, Barry O’Driscoll, Andrea Haun, Annaluz Rockefeller, Allison Harman, Julie McElhatton. Read more about each mentor!
~ January 2015

"A shout out goes to Nurse Headman at Sheridan Elementary School! She consistently puts together fun and productive monthly mentoring activities that not only serve those involved in the program but the surrounding community as well." ~AmeriCorps Member, Mentoring For Success
~ January 2014

"Julia stands out at Cobb. The students have noticed the strong relationship she has built with her mentee. So much so that other students have asked to be her mentee. Julia has a way of making her mentee feel special, taking her off campus to do new things such as yoga and running down at Land's End. She also does a great job following through and being consistent, a task which is no small matter as a second year Teacher. Her mentee feels safe, heard, and seen with her mentor and is able to truly open up and share pieces of herself. As the MFS Coordinator at Cobb, it has been a huge gift to watch this relationship blossom." ~School Coordinator, Dr. William Cobb Elementary
~ December 2013

"Hanson and Bridgett LLP has six people from the firm who mentor students at Everett Middle School. They all started in 2009 and they continue mentoring the same student, except for one (because the mentee is no longer here) but I'm re-matching the mentor. They are great!"
~ 9-28-10

"A shout out goes to Doris Jackson from Denman Middle School for building a relationship not only with her mentee, but with her student’s mom too. The three of them went on an outing together to the California Academy of Science over the weekend."
~ 9-28-10

"Harini met with her mentee every single week last year. They had a standard time that they met. They always joined us at our monthly activities and they even went to a basketball game together. Harini also got to know her mentee's parents, has been to her house several times, went on the ropes course and took her mentee shopping. Unfortunately, her mentee moved to a different school, but Harini still keeps in touch with her mentee and wants to see her succeed!!!"
~ 9-28-10

"Ruben started mentoring Kali last year. This year Kali is an 8th grader and Ruben is still mentoring her. Kali has become a leader at our school. Ruben has helped guide and mold her into the nice young lady she has become."
~ 9-28-10

"I appreciate Chandra's dedication to getting people together for lunches and rallying the youth to attend, and also taking consideration of a good mentor and mentee match."
~ 8-30-10 - Mentor, Mission High School

"Bridget has done things on a monthly basis to promote mentor/mentee relationships...pancake breakfast, ice cream social, orientation, scavenger hunt, and make and take sessions. She is a role model that is very needed and respected at Everett Middle School. She is the heart and soul and driving force to our Mentor Program. She is simply the best."
~ 8-30-10 - Mentor, Everett Middle School

"Can I just sing Jennifer's praises for a bit? Manages over 30 matches! Coordinates monthly activities...pumpkin patch, ice skating, hiking and biking. Secured a $1000 donation to program. Manages a Buddy Room 3-4 times/week. Communicates with Buddies on a weekly basis and supports mentors when a problem arises. I could go on and on ..."
~ 8-30-10 - Mentor, Francisco Middle School

"Kate is really supportive. She provided literature on setting boundaries - she is always available."
~ 8-30-10 - Mentor, Giannini Middle School

Mentoring for Success posts “Shout Outs” to celebrate all of the amazing things our mentors and mentees are doing together! Reflect on your school’s mentoring community and give a shout out to people you admire for their involvement, creativity, or any other way they shine. Be sure to include your school name and the name(s) of the people being recognized in your “Shout Out”!

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