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Nurturing Growth and Community at Everett Middle School

Everett Middle School, one of twenty-six schools in San Francisco that participate in Mentoring for Success, has kicked off their school year with a great start! With the help of school employees, community partnerships with San Francisco Promise and a local legal firm, Hanson & Bridgett LLP, Everett’s program is thriving with 50 matches.

Mentor Recognition
With the leadership of Learning Support Professional Bridget Early, Everett’s mentoring program sets a wonderful example of dedicated mentors building strong, positive relationships with students, and committed service within the school community. Second year mentors, Ruben Urbina, Excel After School Director and Athletic Director at Everett Middle School, and Harini Aravamudhan, Teacher, were recently presented with plaques at Everett’s staff meeting for being extraordinary mentors to their mentees. In an interview Ruben shared that initially he was uncertain of what to expect in Mentoring for Success, but now emphasizes the importance of the program to his mentee and other students. “I’m looking forward to seeing her graduate from Everett this year and I hope that we maintain a lifelong friendship so I can see her go on and graduate from high school as well.” Upon reflection on his own experience with a mentor as a youth, Ruben said “…he wasn’t an official mentor like in a program. He was a Parks and Recreation Director and he helped to keep me off the street and gave me constructive things to do. I think I’m in a better position to be a good mentor here because of the structure.”

Community Service and Fun
Everett’s first monthly activity in September brought matches together for a pizza party during the students’ lunch hour. This was more than just your average pizza party though. Students and their mentors planted seedlings and vegetable seeds in their new Mentor/Mentee Veggie Garden! The matches at Everett will later be able to enjoy fun cooking classes with the vegetables they’ll water and watch grow.

Mentors like Ruben and Harini, who volunteer their time and energy to a student, help to make Mentoring for Success a prosperous program throughout San Francisco Unified School District. Mentees are exposed to new places, new ideas, and supportive adults who help them navigate their way through childhood and adolescence. At Everett Middle School it’s not just school employees who are mentoring though. Partnerships with SF Promise and Hanson & Bridgett LLP have brought more than 10 additional mentors from throughout the community to help build the capacity of the program and support more and more students.

You can join us too!
According to Ruben, the key is to “be consistent, be a good listener, and advocate for your student.” If you can do that for one of our students, sign up today!

To learn more about community partnership opportunities with Mentoring for Success, please contact Erin Farrell, or 415-242-2615.

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