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Roosevelt Middle School

Nurturing Community

Roosevelt Middle School, one of thirty six schools in SFUSD that participates in  Mentoring for Success, has been working to strengthen the mentoring relationships at the school through service projects.  With the help of AmeriCorps, school employees, the afterschool program, and local businesses, mentoring matches work together on meaningful activities to improve the school.  “Some teachers reported having a hard time connecting with their mentee, but when they got involved with the service projects it created a common bond that has  brought  them together.”  said Julie Auslander, LSP.

It Takes Leadership...

Under the leadership of Learning Support Professional Julie Auslander, Roosevelt’s mentoring program has raised the bar for service projects across the district.  One of the goals of Mentoring for Success is to strengthen the connection a student feels toward their school and community.  One successful way to do this has been to create interesting and engaging school-based service activities.  Julie has incorporated Roosevelt’s After School Program and the Parent Teacher Student Organization to help the Roosevelt matches rejuvenate parts of the school while learning fun and useful skills that they will take with them after they leave Roosevelt.  “It took the right catalyst.” said Michael Reimer, Principal of Roosevelt Middle School.  “People have been talking about “greening” Roosevelt since I arrived here three years ago, but it was [Julie] stepping up that brought it to fruition.  That’s all it takes.  Someone to see it through.”

Roosevelt Middle School Service Projects

  • The Home Economics Room Restoration Project
    After years of frustration by the Home Economics Teacher, mentors and mentees came together to rejuvenate their Home Economics room.  The room had weathered  wear and tear from use by thousands of students—over one hundred cabinets were without handles.  The faculty, staff and students were using jury rigged methods to access the room’s storage cabinets.  The mentoring matches saw this as unacceptable and took action.  With a generous donation from Building REsources, the students and their mentors  restored the room to its fully functioning capacity. 
  • Roosevelt Mentoring Garden
    With the cooperation of the Parent Teacher Student Organization and the Beacon Afterschool Program, Roosevelt matches were able to create a school garden at a 70% discount of what it would have normally cost!  Broadmoor Landscape Supply, a local family owned and operated business, was kind enough to donate over 20,000 pounds of nutrient rich soil to the project.  This service  project was made possible by the hard work of Roosevelt students.  They managed to create a garden that will continue to flourish throughout the summer season and be in full bloom when they return in the fall.  It’s a garden they can truly call their own.

You can join us too!

Service projects are more than just an activity to keep youth occupied.  They are an opportunity to give students a new perspective, helping them take leadership in their school  community while deepening friendships that they will carry with them long after the activity is done.  If your school has a specific need, please do not hesitate to take the initiative—working in partnership with Americorps garners results!

We couldn’t have done it without our generous donors!

Broadmoor Landscape Supply and Building REsources

On behalf of Mentoring For Success, special thanks go to Julie Auslander,  Timothy Dillon, Tiffany Konyen, Michael Reimer, and all of the Roosevelt mentors for your dedication to Roosevelt Middle School students you mentor.

To learn more about community partnership opportunities with Mentoring for Success, please contact Erin Farrell, or 415-242-2615.


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