Monthly Health Themes

A calendar of health education topics for classroom lessons & school wide activities.

The Student, Family and Community Support Department has designated health awareness themes throughout the school year. Each theme offers a different focus on health issues in the form of Health Awareness Months, and a nutritional theme in Harvest of the Month. Each month's themes will be featured on our home page. The Health Awareness themes are as follows:

      Better TogetheR: Building a Healthy School Community | Tomatoes

      Be Safe, Be Smart: Substance Use Prevention  | Persimmons

Be An Ally & Stand Up For Peace: Violence Prevention | Sweet Potatoes /Squash, Mushrooms

      Growing Bodies & Active Consent: Healthy Sexuality & Relationships | Mandarins, Greens

      Be Well: Nutrition & Physical Activity Awareness | Snap Peas

      Finding Your Voice & Following Your HearT: LGBTQ Pride & Advocacy | Avocados

      Open the Door, Get Out & Explore: Summer Safety & Environmental Health | Strawberries

Better Together:
Building a Healthy School Community 
  • Identify trusted adults with students
  • Give instruction on cooperation, appropriate expression of needs/wants, problem-solving strategies, health-enhancing goal setting /decision making
  • Recognize & name emotions and feelings
  • Establish positive behavior reward system (PAX Good Behavior Game, GoNoodle)
    Establish daily/weekly community circles
  • Review healthy routines: sleep, breakfast, water, nutrition, physical activity
  • Resolve conflicts with Restorative Practices
  • Invite Social Worker or Nurse to discuss health topics
  • Schedule assemblies on school rules/routines (meals, recess, emergency procedures)
  • Log students with medical needs, confirm meds are available w/trained staff member
  • Coordinate with Safe Routes to School for participation in events
  • Establish school wellness guidelines for Wellness Policy: Share with school community
  • Offer alternatives to benching at recess/PE
  • Recruit/refer students to physical activity clubs and After School Programs
  • Take a tour of the Wellness Center (MS/HS)
  • Celebrate Character Day
Be Safe, Be Smart: Substance Use Prevention


  • Provide instruction on awareness of medicines and household products
  • Practice reading product labels
  • Arrange for CBO presentations on substance use prevention
  • Teach lessons on tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
  • Reinforce health-enhancing behaviors
  • Practice skills for stress management, refusal, and decision making


  • Celebrate a Healthy Halloween (candy-free and substance-free)
  • Create poetry, slogans, raps on substance use prevention
    Teach substance use prevention in all homeroom classes
  • Plan peer presentations in classrooms
  • Celebrate Red Ribbon Week
  • Schedule health theater presentations:
Be An Ally & Stand Up For Peace: Violence Prevention


  • Promote gang violence awareness
  • Practice conflict resolution and effective communication skills
  • Analyze media messages promoting violence
  • Facilitate daily/weekly community circles
  • Teach lessons on understanding, preventing, and reporting bullying and cyber– bullying


  • Use Restorative Practices to prevent violence and facilitate conflict resolution
  • Paint Peace Paths on the yard, display Peace Path art projects, develop Peacemakers
  • Play “Good Behavior Game”
  • Organize assemblies on gun violence
  • Celebrate World AIDS Day on Dec. 1: Check out an AIDS Quilt to display; hold penny drives for AIDS emergency fund; order and distribute promotional items (stickers...)
Growing Bodies & Active Consent: Healthy Sexuality and Relationships


  • Teach about differences between bacteria and viruses, and methods of self-care to prevent spread of germs and disease
  • Teach students to identify differences between safe touch, unsafe touch, and unwanted touch
  • Teach Puberty/Comprehensive Sexuality lessons, including HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention
  • Identify trusted adults/allies


  • Organize staff training on child abuse and identifying students who are being trafficked; display posters about recognizing and reporting sex trafficking
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Healthy Relationships Day cards and red fruit salads (instead of candy)
  • Arrange for field trips to local health clinics, distribute information/resources on contraception, abstinence, and pregnancySchedule peer presentations on healthy sexuality and active consent
  • *Celebrate National Mentoring Month!
Be Well: Nutrition and Physical Activity Awareness


  • Identify healthy foods, drinks and snacks
  • Provide lessons on benefits of drinking water and avoiding sugary beverages
  • Analyze caloric and nutritional value of foods and beverages, read food labels
  • Practice decision-making/goal-setting skills for food intake and physical activity
  • Explore the physical, academic, mental, and social benefits of physical activity
  • Analyze the influences of culture, peers, and media on food choices


  • Plan a school community meeting on the benefits of a daily nutritious breakfast
  • Create schoolwide agreement on implementing classroom physical activity breaks
  • Establish systems for Grab n Go Breakfasts
  • Hold a poster contest for Rethink your Drink
  • Share the Wellness Policy with staff and families
  • Schedule a fun run or walk-a-thon
  • Plan a Food and Fitness Fair for students and families
Finding Your Voice Following Your Heart: LGBTQ Pride and Advocacy


  • Teach respect for differences in growth, development, physical appearance, gender roles, and sexual orientation
  • Research LGBTQ people in history
  • Identify/promote Allyship characteristics
  • Utilize LGBTQ curricula, books, resources
  • Plan art activities: Rainbow flags, posters...
  • Analyze influences of culture and media, on perceptions of gender roles, sexuality, and sexual orientation
  • Teach Personal Pronoun Education lessons in every classroom on a selected day


  • Implement Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Put up displays of famous LGBTQ people
  • Request LGBTQ wristbands, posters, buttons to distribute
    • a Rainbow Parade: assign each room a color and create flags and banners
    • Family Diversity Celebration where students introduce their families
    • A Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Day
    • LGBTQ Spirit Day: Pink Tsunami, Rainbow Day
Open the Door, Get Out & Explore: Summer Safety and Environmental Health


  • Choose books on safety topics: fire, water, weapons
  • Practice effective communication skills when dealing with emergencies
  • Practice decision-making skills regarding safety topics
  • Provide instruction on sun safety practices
  • Research environmental health issues
  • Set goals for a safe, healthy summer
  • Teach First Aid skills
  • *Celebrate National Foster Care Month!


  • Encourage parents to attend February DCYF workshop on community-based summer health resources
  • Coordinate a summer safety poster contest
  • Share resources for safety equipment, i.e., bike helmets
    Display Summer Safety bulletin boards
  • Coordinate a Summer Safety fair: pedestrian safety, use of caps and sunscreen, pool safety, hydration...
  • Hold a Bike Rodeo to promote bicycle safety


About Health Awareness Months and the Asset Building Focus

A great way to maintain a school wide positive climate is to focus on a health awareness theme each month.  School Health Programs, SFCSD sends out resources in the OASIS related to the themes. Teachers receive lessons, community resource lists and activity ideas to stimulate classroom discussions and to promote health awareness and asset building. Schools are encouraged to provide families with information about the specific activities schools are conducting to promote monthly health awareness events and ideas on how to build assets with their children.

For more information contact the Health Education Team!

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