Extra Mile: Stories to Inspire

Re-Think Your Drink This Summer

How much sugar does the average American consume in a year? More than 100 pounds … which is about quarter of a pound of sugar a day! Add a slice of orange, lemon, lime or cucumber to water  Read More.

Rosa Parks Garden and Nutrition Program

A dedicated volunteer green team, led by parent Barb Fujimoto and a team of family members have tirelessly worked since 2006 to bring the dream of having a school garden at Rosa Parks to fruition.   Read More.

Student Nutrition Services Gets the Gold Medal for Improving School Meals!

The California Department of Education (CDE) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) hosted a special event on September 8th, 2010 to highlight Student Nutrition Services’ (SNS) dedication to improving school meals in SFUSD.  Read More.

Nurturing Growth and Community at Everett Middle School

Everett Middle School, one of twenty-six schools in San Francisco that participate in Mentoring for Success, has kicked off their school year with a great start! Read More.

Success Story at Lincoln High School

There is a 12th grade female student from Lincoln HS who was brought to my attention by UCSF. This student has a history of short-gut syndrome and is being managed by UCSF Pediatric Gastroenterology.

UCSF staff had called to ask if the student has been in school because her phone number was disconnected. When I checked, she had not been to school for over a month. I looked the student up in the year book and realized that she works at a dessert shop a few blocks away from Lincoln. On a Saturday night, I went over to the dessert shop, and discreetly introduced myself and asked if she needed help, what was going on, etc.

Turns out that along with her health issues, she is a student in transition- she is living in her boyfriend's house, working two jobs to pay rent, and has been out of school due to her general health and other social issues. We made a plan as to how to reintegrate her back into school in collaboration with UCSF, her counselor, and the attendance secretary.

We met with her counselor to set her schedule for the spring and summer to enable her to graduate by the end of summer 2010. I also gave her referrals to general assistance and helped complete the forms for food stamps. Her attendance has improved during the Spring semester and she hopes to graduate by the end of the summer.

Submitted by:
Rebecca Lam, RN
School District Nurse
Lincoln HS

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