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New MS Online Second Step SEL Curriculum Now Available

Second Step is a curriculum/program rooted in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills that helps transform schools into supportive, successful, learning environments uniquely equipped to encourage children to thrive. Now available for all middle grade educators, grades 6-8. Helpful Links: OASIS | Flyer | SFUSD Health Education Website

Healthy Party Ideas

FYS logoLeave the candy and sugary snacks out of the classroom. Teach students and parents/ caregivers about the importance of healthy snacks and physical activity. Healthy Party


Apply to be an FYS Coordinating Program Liaison 

FYS logoThe Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program (FYSCP) Liaison position is designed to provide on-site support and coordinated services to foster youth students. The FYSCP Liaison will work with FYSCP to support the goal of improving educational outcomes for students in foster care. Learn more and apply! OASIS | Application Link | Job Description | Stipend Structure

Foster Youth Tutoring

FYS logoSFUSD contracts with Bay Area Educational Institute to offer both individual and group tutoring to foster youth that attend SFUSD schools. Complete the 2019-20 Foster Youth Tutoring Application today to request tutoring. The application is now available here.

Updated Immunizations Requirements for TK/K-12th Grade

Starting July1, there are NEW immunizations requirements for students--view the OASIS for detailed lists. California schools are required to check immunization records for all new student admissions at TK/Kindergarten through 12th grade and all students advancing to 7th grade before entry. OASIS | Immunization Record | Updated Forms, Guides and Materials | School Health Form 2019/2020

Create Your School Climate Team Now!

In compliance with the language in the UESF contract requiring all schools to establish a “school behavior team that reviews school discipline policies and student behavior” (UESF 21.3-4). The Office of Pupil Services will be providing support to sites in creating Climate Teams. OASISImportant Message for Site Administrators

Updated Request for Assistance 1.0 Form

The updated Request for Assistance 1.0 form will provide teachers, staff, and the SAP team an opportunity to gather more information and brainstorm general supports for students that have attendance, academics, health, social, emotional and behavioral concerns. There are four sections to the Request for Assistance 1.0 Form. OASIS | Form | Video

Which organizations have an MOU to serve your students?

Did you know that any organization working with your students free of charge to the school must have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)? Check out these resources to easily find info about which organizations have an MOU & are eligible to offer services for your students & school and more. OASIS | School Site Reports of MOUs and Services | Seven Things District Staff Need to Know | MOU Information and Resources

HealthSmart Online Health Curriculum

HealthSmart is the district-adopted comprehensive online health curriculum. Access Health Smart and meet the requirements for all your Health standards in one place. Address bullying and emotional health issues, puberty and safe touch, nutrition and physical activity, growth and development, injury prevention and safety, substance use prevention. OASIS | Flyer | Find your school site login

Healthy Choices AmeriCorps is Hiring for 20-21!

SFUSD's Healthy Choices AmeriCorps program is hiring for the 2020/21 school year. To hear what this years' AmeriCorps members have to say check out this VIDEO. To learn more about how to apply check out our Healthy Choices AmeriCorps position description | More About Mentoring

Designate a Section 504 Site Contact

Site Contact will be the liaison with the central Section 504 team, so that the team will receive timely update on forms, procedure and protocolas well as be a support for other team members on procedures and protocol related to Section 504. OASIS | 504 Contact Overview | 504 Contact Designation Form

Help Support our Foster Youth

FYS logoBeing a Foster Parent is a big part of supporting our Foster Youth in San Francisco, but it certainly isn't the only way. You could be a mentor, backup childcare provider, or educational surrogate. Or you could donate, start a permanency team or just help spread the word. Interested? Learn more | Let us know how you would like to help.

Cannabis Laws + Substance Use Prevention Education

Using cannabis is now legal for adults over 21 in California. It’s important for SFUSD teachers, administrators, school social workers, school district nurses, Youth Outreach Workers, and Wellness Center staff to continue to educate students and families on the effects of cannabis use. OASIS | Cannabis Lessons | Youth and Cannabis Fact Sheet | Guardian/Mentor Fact Sheet

K-5 Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Resources Online

The Second Step SEL Curriculum videos/songs for K-5 kits are now available online, get your kit activation codes from the first page of your teacher’s manual or from your school social worker. OASIS | Register Code

Immigrant Support at School Sites

There have been a few news reports recently warning of possible Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plans to target Northern California for immigration arrests. While these reports do not reflect an official statement made by Homeland Security/ICE, it is still important to be informed and prepared. Thankfully, we have plans in place for supporting vulnerable families. View Resources

Interested in having legal advocates or representatives at your school site to outreach to caregivers, students, and staff about DACA or other immigrant topics? Read OASIS | Community Speaker Request Form - Immigrant Support

Additional resources: What do I need to know about the end of DACA? | Visit RISE-SF - new videos and resources posted!

Be a Mentor to an SFUSD Student!

All SFUSD Employees: become that special caring adult at school - offer support to an SFUSD student by becoming a mentor. Become familar with best practices in mentoring at ongoing meetings. OASIS | Become a Mentor! | Sign up for a Mentoring For Success Orientation

School-wide and Classroom Resources to Address Sexual Harassment

SFUSD is dedicated to ending sexual harassment and violence. In response to Violence Prevention Month, please review these resources and training opportunities focused on helping SFUSD
students better understand healthy relationships, sexual harassment and sexual assault. School Health Programs provides training and support for SFUSD staff using these resources. OASIS | Resources for SFUSD School Staff to educate about sexual harassment.

Elimination of Personal Beliefs Exemption from Immunizations

All students entering PreK-12th Grade are required to be current with ALL required vaccinations unless the student has a medical exemption in place. Effective January 1, 2016, SB277 eliminated personal and religious exemptions from immunization requirements for children in child care, public and private schools. OASIS

Wellness Policy in Action! (Audio and Video)

Listen to how Principal Emmanuel Stewart from Carver Elementary School has put SFUSD's Wellness Policy into action. Listen now at Soundcloud! 

See what students and staff are saying about SFUSD's Wellness Policy in this new video!  

Project SECURE: Keeping Kids Safe in SFUSD

SRI International will partner with SFUSD to develop, implement, and evaluate Project SECURE to enhance the physical and emotional security of more than 12,000 students in 30 elementary schools by increasing their Safety, Equity, Caring, Understanding, and Resilience. Learn more.

Seventh Grade Vaccine Requirements

All students entering 7th grade must have proof of a Tdap vaccine and 2 MMR vaccinations. Students who are 13 years of age or older also need proof of a second Varicella (chicken pox) vaccination.  Additionally, all 8th – 12th grade students must be up to date on all vaccinations required for school entry, including Tdap, Varicella, and MMR. Personal Belief Exemptions are no longer valid for incoming 7th graders. Medical exemptions are still accepted.  Read WAD for more information and locations.     

Nurses and Social Workers Core Supports One-Pagers

Learn more about core supports provided by school district nurses and social workers with these one-pagers! School District Nurses: ES | SEC Social Workers: K-8.

2015-16 FITNESSGRAM Results

2015-16 FITNESSGRAM data for SFUSD students is now posted in our Data and Statistics section - we are going in the right direction! Take a look at the new numbers.

Wellness Policy Awareness, Updates, and Translations

The NEW Wellness Policy is now translated into Spanish and Chinese. Learn about the changes and what it means to your school: take the Wellness Policy Quiz! Read WAD for more info | View our Wellness Policy section at Nutrition Education Project.

DACA Program Community Advisory of Sept. 5

To date, nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrant youth have been granted DACA status, which provides work authorization and temporary relief from deportation. The program has enabled our graduates to contribute to their communities by significantly increasing opportunities for higher education and jobs. Unfortunately, on Sept. 5, 2017, President Trump directed the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to phase out and eventually end DACA over two and half years. What do I need to know about the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)? | Visit Project Caminos website- new videos posted!





Nurses and Social Workers Core Supports One-Pagers

Learn more about core supports provided by school district nurses and social workers with these one-pagers! School District Nurses: ES | SEC Social Workers: K-8.

Tdap Notice for Current 6th Graders

Prepare families for 7th grade by distributing Tdap requirement information slips.. Download notice (English, Spanish, Chinese)

SFCSD Program Highlights

Learn more about many of SFCSD’s PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS and how they support the district goals of Access & Equity, Achievement and Accountability while making a huge difference in the lives of our students and families. Download booklet (pdf) | Learn more about our Programs

Curriculum Resources at Health Education Website

Teachers can visit the website to plan their health course by viewing all of the recommended materials to fulfill the required Health Education lessons. 

Parents, students, nurses, social workers, and policy makers are also likely to find the website helpful in their work. 

LGBTQ Pride Series Posters

Stand Up for Pride, Peace and Safety by posting our beautiful new LGBTQ Pride Series Posters! (downloads available) We now have three posters in three languages! Copies of the posters are being distributed to all schools. Additional printed copies can be acquired by contacting LGBTQ Support Services.

New Restorative Practices Videos

Observe students learning and practicing communication, empathy, and cooperation skills in three new videos of Restorative Practices circles at Flynn Elementary (Kindergarten), Feinstein (5th graders), and Wallenberg High School (two-part). View videos!

School Health Manual now Web-accessible!

FYS logoThe SFUSD School Health Manual, your #1 resource for health-related policies, procedures, forms and parent letters, is now more accessible than ever - just point and click to get the document you're looking for. Parent notification letters are now available in Word so you can customize school headers, details, etc. If you're not sure where to find what you're looking for, a search feature allows you to find every document related to a topic or key word. Visit the School Health Manual.

SFCSD Video Collection

We've collected a lot of great videos from throughout our website and placed them (or links to them) in one handy place under our resources section. Each month we will feature one of our videos on the homepage (right column). Visit our video page.

Choosing Healthier Food & Drinks Begins in Our Own Workplace!

Schools have led the way to healthier choices. It is time for SFUSD administrative offices and school staff rooms to take action! SFUSD staff can be role models for peers, students and families by creating healthier environments throughout the District.  We want our staff to be fit and healthy. Read more at Nutrition Education In Action.

Re-Think Your Drink

How much sugar does the average American consume in a year? More than 100 pounds … which is about quarter of a pound of sugar a day!  Download resources to help you Re-Think Your Drink.

Know Families that Need Extra Support?

Dial 2-1-1 to access hundreds of community services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all in multiple languages. Visit the Dial 211 website for more information..

Healthy Food and Beverage Guidelines

Promote health and wellness for students, staff and families by making healthier choices. This policy, developed by School Health Programs, makes healthy recommendations for food and beverages offered at school activities and events. Questions? Contact Mark Elkin at (415) 242-2615 ext. 3217 or View Guidelines.

Know Families that Need Extra Support

Dial 2-1-1 to access hundreds of community services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all in multiple languages. Visit the Dial 211 website for more information..

Fingerprinting Clearance Agencies

View locations of San Francisco County Department of Justice Fingerprinting Clearance agencies.  View Agencies.

Family Health Event Resource Binder

Planning for a family health event is easier than ever now that we've put all the information in one place.  The new Family Health Event Resource Binder has resources for creating nutrition education and physical activity stations. Plus, it's available in English, Spanish and Chinese.  Visit: Plan a Family Health Event.

Immunization Website Now Online

Visit Shots for School and find tools and resources for parents, schools, and providers about AB 354, and other school immunizations.

More resources...



Project SECURE: Keeping Kids Safe in San Francisco Unified School District

SRI International will partner with San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) to develop, implement, and evaluate Project SECURE. The purpose is to enhance the physical and emotional security of more than 12,000 students in 30 elementary schools by increasing their Safety, Equity, Caring, Understanding, and Resilience. Project SECURE will offer universal (Second Step Social Emotional Learning Curriculum) and targeted (Bounce Back) interventions aimed to improve social-emotional skills, reduce bullying, and ameliorate traumatic stress. Furthermore, the project will revitalize the Citywide Interagency Council to triage and refer those students and their families who need tertiary-level support to responsive community-based services.

Healthy Choices AmeriCorps Grant Awarded

Great news to share! School Health Programs, SFCSD, has been awarded a three year grant from the California Volunteers to launch Healthy Choices AmeriCorps California. School Health Programs will guide Healthy Choices AmeriCorps Members who will work directly with schools to support the implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), school climate activities such as one-to-one and small group mentoring, social emotional learning activities, peacemaking circles, volunteer and family engagement, as well as other structured group activities. Learn more. Special recognition to Erin Farrell who leads SHP’s Mentoring for Success program and prepared this grant application. 

Project Prevent Grant Awarded to SHP

School Health Programs, SFCSD, applied for a Project Prevent grant in June and recently received the good news that SFUSD is one of 22 projects funded (out of 130 school Districts which applied) to address the needs of students exposed to violence. SFUSD will receive over 570K/year for a total award of $2.8 million the next five years to provide targeted services to schools. Learn more.

After a competitive process, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) awarded a five year grant to San Francisco Unified School District/School Health Programs, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Broward County, Florida School District to pilot and implement programming for young men of color who have sex with men (YMSM). Learn more.

CDC HIV Prevention Grant
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded grants to San Francisco Unified School District/School Health Programs since 1991. The grants assist us to implement both STD and HIV education, and to administer the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a nationwide student survey to assess risks and health factors affecting our youth. This grant is essential to providing school sites much needed comprehensive school health programming and support. School Health Programs was successfully awarded this grant again, for school years 2013-2018. We are eager to continue implementing programs that address comprehensive health education.

Longfellow Elementary After School Program Honored!

Green Arts Workshop encouraged Longfellow participants to consider their personal consumption and to draw inspiration from art that reflects a commitment to environmentally sustainable behavior. Read full story at ExCEL Afterschool Programs.

Vision Van Reached Over Two Hundred Students

From March 5-7, 2014, 207 high-need SFUSD students received FREE eye exams and glasses through the Vision Van Program, sponsored by OneSight, a Luxottica Foundation group based in Cincinnati.

  • 200, or 97%, of these students needed glasses.
  • 166, or 83%, of those who needed glasses received them on the same day.
  • The other 34, or 17%, will receive their glasses in about two weeks, after the glasses are finished at a LensCrafters store. Six, or 3%, of the students were referred to an optometrist at Eyexam of CA at LensCrafters for a more in-depth examination.

Tobacco Use Prevention Education Grant Funded

SFUSD received notification March 7 that our Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Program grant has been funded. We are one of 14 LEAs out of 54 applicants to be awarded.

Student Mentoring Thrives at Carver Elementary

Emily Wade-Thompson, former Principal, and Kimm Waller Ware, School Social Worker at G. Washington Carver Elementary, are two SFUSD employees who model how to develop a culture of caring and mentorship into a school’s community. Read story.

School Health Programs Receives Clean Air Award

The BREATHE California Award was received by SFUSD School Health Programs as the Outstanding Partner with BREATHE California, statewide air quality program. BREATHE California continues to collaborate with School Health Programs in programs related to the Tobacco Use Prevention Education Grant by:

  • Tobacco education and cessation programs that can be used for prevention education trainings
  • A working partnership with the school district nurses by providing a quit group in every high school
  • Trainings for the school district nurses so they can offer quit groups
  • Awareness sessions and brief intervention sessions
  • Collaborating events such as the Clear the Air FilmFest which encourages Teen Tackle Tobacco Leaders and other SFUSD students to attend and participate in the proposed activities of student’s films with anti-tobacco messages

BREATHE California is dedicated to fighting lung disease, advocating for clean air and promoting public health in our local communities. Since 1908, they have addressed the most serious health threats of our time through grassroots programs that empower individual, institutional and community change for better breathing and healthier living.

Student Wins Peacemaker Award

Congratulations to Fatima Albowyha for facilitating mediations with dozens of students and leading her peers in developing a safer, more understanding school culture. As a member of Abraham Lincoln High School's Peer Resources program, Fatima prides herself on helping other youth by listening to their concerns and helping them develop solutions to their conflicts. One of her teachers writes, "I feel safer and more comfortable on campus knowing that Fatima is walking the halls." For this work, Fatima is being honored by Community Boards as this year’s recipient of the Gail Sadalla Rising Peacemaker Award. For more information contact Pui Ling Tam (415) 749-3700 x3002.

Students at Francisco Middle School Combat Homophobia

Francisco Middle School Peer Resources have been fighting homophobia by leading peer education workshops in classes and by starting a lunchtime ally group, Allied Allegiance. The group received a $700 grant to bring together allies in learning about what LGBTQ youth face and what everyone can do to support LGBTQ youth in their schools and communities. Read The Bay Reporter blog.  Visit Peer Resources or their Facebook page.

Our District Wins Health Award

We can all breathe a little easier knowing that our school district won the 2011 Achievements in Respiratory or "AIR" Health Award from California Breathing for implementing strategies making our school environments healthier for students and staff with asthma. To be eligible for the award, schools districts must have instituted air quality improvement efforts that address asthma-causing cleaning supplies, pesticide use, classroom pets, and maintenance problems.  Additionally, the districts must have demonstrated enforcement of state regulations reducing bus idling near schools, and banning smoking on school property.  Each school district will receive a monetary prize of $5000, a trophy and acknowledgment in the press.  The funds are provided through a federal grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. View 2011 Air Health Award winners at California Breathing website.





ARCHIVED NEWS 2019-20    


Harvest of the Month: Strawberries

OPEN THE DOOR, GET OUT & EXPLORE: Summer Safety & Environmental Health

  • Choose books on safety topics: fire, water, weapons
  • Practice effective communication skills when dealing with emergencies
  • Practice decision-making skills regarding safety topics
  • Provide instruction on sun safety practices
  • Research environmental health issues
  • Set goals for a safe, healthy summer
  • Teach First Aid skills
  • *Celebrate National Foster Care Month!
  • Encourage parents to attend February DCYF workshop on community-based summer health resources
  • Coordinate a summer safety poster contest
  • Share resources for safety equipment, i.e., bike helmets
    Display Summer Safety bulletin boards
  • Coordinate a Summer Safety fair: pedestrian safety, use of caps and sunscreen, pool safety, hydration...
  • Hold a Bike Rodeo to promote bicycle safety

Read the OASIS for ideas & info.. Calendar of health education topics | View all Health Awareness themes


Harvest of the Month: Avocados

Finding Your Voice & Following Your HearT: LGBTQ Pride & Advocacy In April, we celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community. Improve school climate and create safer schools by implementing suggested activities including lessons, bulletin boards, art activities and participating in LGBTQ spirit/purple day.

  • Teach respect for differences in growth, development, physical appearance, gender roles, and sexual orientation
  • Research LGBTQ people in history
  • Identify/promote Allyship characteristics
  • Utilize LGBTQ curricula, books, resources
  • Plan art activities: Rainbow flags, posters...
  • Analyze influences of culture and media, on perceptions of gender roles, sexuality, and sexual orientation
  • Teach Personal Pronoun Education lessons in every classroom on a selected day
  • Implement Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Put up displays of famous LGBTQ people
  • Request LGBTQ wristbands, posters, buttons to distribute
    • a Rainbow Parade: assign each room a color and create flags and banners
    • Family Diversity Celebration where students introduce their families
    • A Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Day
    • LGBTQ Spirit Day: Pink Tsunami, Rainbow Day

Read the OASIS for ideas & info.. Calendar of health education topics | View all Health Awareness themes


Harvest of the Month: Peas

Be Well: Nutrition and Physical Activity Awareness  San Francisco Unified School District celebrates Be Well, Do Well: Nutrition & Physical Activity Month throughout March. Schools are encouraged to hold events and teach lessons which promote The SFUSD Wellness Policy, Nutrition Education and Physical Activity.

  • Identify healthy foods, drinks and snacks
  • Provide lessons on benefits of drinking water and avoiding sugary beverages
  • Analyze caloric and nutritional value of foods and beverages, read food labels
  • Practice decision-making/goal-setting skills for food intake and physical activity
  • Explore the physical, academic, mental, and social benefits of physical activity
  • Analyze the influences of culture, peers, and media on food choices
  • Plan a school community meeting on the benefits of a daily nutritious breakfast
  • Create schoolwide agreement on implementing classroom physical activity breaks
  • Establish systems for Grab n Go Breakfasts
  • Hold a poster contest for Rethink your Drink
  • Share the Wellness Policy with staff and families
  • Schedule a fun run or walk-a-thon
  • Plan a Food and Fitness Fair for students and families

January / February

Harvest of the Month: Mandarins

Harvest of the Month: Cooked Greens

Growing Bodies & Active Consent: Healthy Sexuality & Relationships  San Francisco Unified School District celebrates Growing Bodies & Active Consent: Healthy Sexuality and Relationships Month throughout January and February. Schools are encouraged to hold events and teach lessons about friendships and healthy relationships.

  • Teach about differences between bacteria and viruses, and methods of self-care to prevent spread of germs and disease
  • Teach students to identify differences between safe touch, unsafe touch, and unwanted touch
  • Teach Puberty/Comprehensive Sexuality lessons, including HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention
  • Identify trusted adults/allies
  • Organize staff training on child abuse and identifying students who are being trafficked; display posters about recognizing and reporting sex trafficking
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Healthy Relationships Day cards and red fruit salads (instead of candy)
  • Arrange for field trips to local health clinics, distribute information/resources on contraception, abstinence, and pregnancySchedule peer presentations on healthy
  • January-Celebrate National Mentoring Month!

Read the OASIS for ideas & info.. Calendar of health education topics | View all Health Awareness themes

California Healthy Kids Survey

SFUSD Student, Family and Community Support Department, in cooperation with the California Department of Education will be administering the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) online in grades 7,9, and 11 in randomly chosen classrooms in SFUSD schools during October and November 2019. Helpful Links: OASIS

Planned Parenthood Puberty Professional Development

Attend the Planned Parenthood Puberty PD on December 4. Workshop Goals: Review Planned Parenthood puberty curriculum. Practice using curriculum and answering students’ questions about puberty, gender, and sexuality. Access additional resources to empower your teaching about puberty. Expand vocabulary and language around gender identity and inclusivity. Helpful Links: OASIS | Flyer | Registration | School Health Programs Website

Go For Three in November: Lessons in Violence Prevention

Teach three health lessons to support this month's health theme to help fulfill the mandate to teach at least 20 health lessons a year. Resources are provided. Helpful Links: OASIS | Flyer | School Health Programs Website | Health Smart Login Info

Healthy Schools Checklist - Due November 15

The “Healthy Schools Checklist” is a tool to help school staff prepare to respond to illnesses, injuries and health emergencies. Schools that submit a completed copy of the checklist will receive a “Healthy School Certificate” from School Health Programs. Helpful Links: OASIS | Checklist (from School Health Manual) | Section A: Resources For Emergencies Occurring At Schools | Section B: Emergency Card Procedure/Emergency Care Plans

Planning and Presenting Trauma PD at Your Site - Nov. 6

On November 6, attend a 1-day Training on Planning and Presenting Trauma PD to Staff at Your Site for those that have previously attended the HEARTS 2-day Transforming Trauma PD. Helpful Links: OASIS | Flyer | Registration Form

Connecting Farm to Classroom PD - Nov. 6

On November 6, spend the afternoon at the Connecting Farm to Classroom Professional Development Opportunity and get paid while you receive resources to: take your class on a farmers’ market field trip (Teachers will facilitate their own fieldtrips), encourage students to eat fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables, teach lessons linked to farmers from the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market, and support the SFUSD Wellness Policy. Register by October 30. Helpful Links: OASIS | Flyer | Registration Form | School Health Programs Website


Harvest of the Month: Mushrooms

Be An Ally & Stand Up For Peace: Violence Prevention

  • Promote gang violence awareness
  • Practice conflict resolution and effective communication skills
  • Analyze media messages promoting violence
  • Facilitate daily/weekly community circles
  • Teach lessons on understanding, preventing, and reporting bullying and cyber– bullying
  • Use Restorative Practices to prevent violence and facilitate conflict resolution
  • Paint Peace Paths on the yard, display Peace Path art projects, develop Peacemakers
  • Play “Good Behavior Game”
  • Organize assemblies on gun violence
  • Celebrate World AIDS Day on Dec. 1: Check out an AIDS Quilt to display; hold penny drives for AIDS emergency fund; order and distribute promotional items (stickers...)

Read the OASIS for ideas & info.. Calendar of health education topics | View all Health Awareness themes

Immunization Compliance Reports Due

The 2019/2020 Immunization Reports are due to the State on Friday, November 1, 2019. Helpful Links: OASIS | PreK Assessment | TK/Kinder Assessment | 7th Grade Assessment

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying prevention helps students and educators develop skills to prevent violence, and to establish/strengthen protective factors. Keep students safe, healthy, and ready to learn! Helpful Links: OASIS |ES Resources | Secondary Resources

Healthy Party Ideas

Leave the candy and sugary snacks out of the classroom. Teach students and parents/ caregivers about the importance of healthy snacks and physical activity. Healthy Party Resources



Harvest of the Month: Persimmons

Better Together: Building a Healthy School Community 

  • Identify trusted adults with students
  • Give instruction on cooperation, appropriate expression of needs/wants, problem-solving strategies, health-enhancing goal setting /decision making
  • Recognize & name emotions and feelings
  • Establish positive behavior reward system (PAX Good Behavior Game, GoNoodle)
    Establish daily/weekly community circles
  • Review healthy routines: sleep, breakfast, water, nutrition, physical activity
  • Resolve conflicts with Restorative Practices
  • Invite Social Worker or Nurse to discuss health topics
  • Celebrate a Healthy Halloween (candy-free and substance-free)
  • Create poetry, slogans, raps on substance use prevention
    Teach substance use prevention in all homeroom classes
  • Plan peer presentations in classrooms
  • Celebrate Red Ribbon Week
  • Schedule health theater presentations:
    • etnortherncalifornia.

Read the OASIS for ideas & info


Harvest of the Month: Tomatoes

Better Together: Building a Healthy School Community 

  • Identify trusted adults with students
  • Give instruction on cooperation, appropriate expression of needs/wants, problem-solving strategies, health-enhancing goal setting /decision making
  • Recognize & name emotions and feelings
  • Establish positive behavior reward system (PAX Good Behavior Game, GoNoodle)
    Establish daily/weekly community circles
  • Review healthy routines: sleep, breakfast, water, nutrition, physical activity
  • Resolve conflicts with Restorative Practices
  • Invite Social Worker or Nurse to discuss health topics
  • Schedule assemblies on school rules/routines (meals, recess, emergency procedures)
  • Log students with medical needs, confirm meds are available w/trained staff member
  • Coordinate with Safe Routes to School for participation in events
  • Establish school wellness guidelines for Wellness Policy: Share with school community
  • Offer alternatives to benching at recess/PE
  • Recruit/refer students to physical activity clubs and After School Programs
  • Take a tour of the Wellness Center (MS/HS)
  • Celebrate Character Day

Watch for the OASIS for ideas & info. Calendar of health education topics | View all Health Awareness themes


Health Education PDs: Save the Dates 2019-2020 

Health Education Professional Development is available for teachers and staff who are passionate about learning, sharing, and supporting health education in their school. See the linked Elementary Save the Dates and Secondary Save the Dates for professional development opportunities. OASIS | Save the Dates: Elementary | Secondary


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