Project Prevent Grant Awarded to School Health Programs

School Health Programs, SFCSD, applied for a Project Prevent grant in June and recently received the good news that SFUSD is one of 22 projects funded (out of 130 school Districts which applied) to address the needs of students exposed to violence. SFUSD will receive over 570K/year for a total award of $2.8 million the next five years to provide targeted services to schools.

Andi Hilinski, Program Administrator was instrumental in leading this effort with partnership from Dr. Joyce Dorado, UCSF HEARTS and Dr. John Shields, ETR and Associates, and a number of School Health Programs staff, including the Student Intervention Team.  

The Project Prevent grant award will bring key resources to support an Integrated School Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (VIP program) to SFUSD schools in the Bayview Zone.  Community Partners in this effort include UCSF HEARTS and Department of Public Health and will integrate and enhance Tier 1-3 supports (SAP, Restorative Practices, Social Emotional Learning, Mental Health Interns – group and individual therapy).

Within the next 2 months School Health Programs will create an advisory group and key stakeholders (grant partners, Principals, district leadership, teacher, social worker) will be invited to begin planning this initiative.

We look forward to working together with you as the project develops and we continue efforts to make sure students are safe, healthy, and ready to learn.

Posted 11/6/2014


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