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SIT May Newsletter

Please see our May Newsletter, the final one of the year, for program updates, monthly appreciations and resources.  May is Summer Safety and Environmental Health so check out our intern corner with information and resources for summer.  Also, if you are curious as to where some the SIT Interns are headed next year, please check out the Life After SIT corner in this newsletter! We also want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for being a part of and/or supporting the SIT Internship Program! We wish everyone a happy and healthy summer! Learn more about the Student Intervention Team. 

Mentoring For Success Spring 2017 Newsletter

See the Spring 2017 MFS Newsletter for: Spotlight on Mentors, MLK Service Day, Project Arrive Launches in MS, Growth Mindset, Mentor Challenges Learn more about the Mentoring for Success Program. 

May is Armani Johnson Asthma Awareness Month

Plan an Asthma Awareness event in your school! On March 26, 2002, Armani Johnson died tragically as the result of an asthma attack while attending a SFUSD Child Development Center. Currently, 10-15% of SFUSD students have asthma (or 2-3 students per average classroom). Although there is no cure, asthma can be controlled through medical treatment and management of indoor and outdoor environmental triggers. Read WAD for more information.

Fall 2017 BeWell School Committee Institute - August 14

All Staff at SFUSD Schools: EED, Elementary, K-8, Middle & High Schools are invited to attend the institute on August 14. Join a small school team to make big changes in school environments: reward your school for Wellness Activities, help set school and district priorities around food, fitness and wellness, receive a stipend or use Prop A Hours if available. RSVP by Friday, May 26. View the WAD for more information.

Apply Now for 2017-18 Elementary HA and HETL Positions

Health Advocate and Health Education Teacher Leader (limited to 15) serve as activists, promoters, and role models of health and wellness to students, teachers, staff, and families. The first round of applications for the positions are due May 26. The second round will occur in August. Read WAD with Job Descriptions. Apply now on Google Forms: Health Advocate | Health Education Teacher Leader

Kick-Off Your School’s BeWell Committee!

Join a small school team to make big changes in school environments: reward your school for Wellness Activities, help set school and district priorities around food, fitness and wellness, receive a stipend or use Prop A Hours if available.More oppotunities in 2017-18. Attend one of four meetings May 2-10. View the WAD for registration information and dates.

May is Foster Care Month

Each May, National Foster Care Month provides an opportunity for people nationwide to focus attention on the year-round needs of youth in foster care and encourage more people to get involved in their lives. We invite you to recognize May as National Foster Care Month and to celebrate those who make a difference in the lives of children in the foster care system. View the WAD for more information. SFUSD holds two Foster Youth events in May:

  • Foster Care Awareness Day – Go Blue for Foster Youth - Millions of people will “go blue”, to stand in solidarity with those who have been impacted by foster care and show their support for the 402,000 youth in foster care in the United States. All SFUSD staff, students, families/caregivers, and community. Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at SFUSD Schools and Sites. Wear blue, decorate your school or site blue, and use the #goblueday on social media. 
  • Foster Youth Services End-of-Year Celebration – Celebrating SFUSD students for demonstrating their commitment to their educational success and acknowledging nominated caregivers and service providers that have done exemplary work in supporting the permanency and/or educational needs of SFUSD foster youth students. All are welcome. Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. School Health Programs Office – 1515 Quintara St. San Francisco, CA 94116  * RSVP for the event online by May 4th at or call (415) 242-2615 x3208 


Harvest of the Month: Strawberries

Open the Door, Get Out & Explore: Summer Safety and Environmental Health


  • Choose books on safety topics: fire, water, weapons
  • Practice effective communication skills when dealing with emergencies
  • Practice decision-making skills regarding safety topics
  • Provide instruction on sun safety practices
  • Research environmental health issues
  • Set goals for a safe, healthy summer
  • Teach First Aid skills
  • *Celebrate National Foster Care Month!


  • Encourage parents to attend February DCYF workshop on community-based summer health resources
  • Coordinate a summer safety poster contest
  • Share resources for safety equipment, i.e., bike helmets
    Display Summer Safety bulletin boards
  • Coordinate a Summer Safety fair: pedestrian safety, use of caps and sunscreen, pool safety, hydration...
  • Hold a Bike Rodeo to promote bicycle safety

VIEW THE WAD for ideas & info

Annual Immigrant Family Day - April 26

The San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network (SFILEN) invites community members to an opportunity to speak with the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor’s Office about issues facing the San Francisco immigrant community on April 26. Read WAD with flyers.

FREE Citizenship Workshop April 22

SF Pathways to Citizenship Initiative (HSA and OCEIA) is offering FREE citizenship workshops and fee waiver assistance to encourage and support those on the path to citizenship! SFUSD staff, students, and families can receive free assistance with:

  • Step-by-step review of the naturalization process
  • Assessment of your eligibility to naturalize
  • Application preparation & documentation packaging
  • Application review by an immigration attorney or qualified legal representative
  • Accessing community resources

View WAD with flyers | Volunteers Needed

2017 Anti-Tobacco/Vape PSA Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Anti-Tobacco/Anti-Vape PSA Contest "See Through the Smoke". The winning artwork and video PSAs from SFUSD LGBTQ, Middle School and High School students are now posted on the San Francisco Wellness Initiative website. View the winning entries!

Preparing and Presenting Trauma PD Workshop - April 19

This training will provide an opportunity for participants to plan Trauma PD that they can present at their sites. Participants will practice synthesizing key points from each HEARTS principle, personalize and differentiate the material to connect to their sites, and refine presentation style. Participants must have already attended “Transforming Trauma” presented by HEARTS with SFUSD. Read WAD with registration information

Bike to School Week: April 17 - 21

All SFUSD students are encouraged to participate in SF Bike and Roll to School Week in April. Celebrate the joys and many health benefits of biking or “rolling” to school as a family. The Safe Routes to School Partnership provides incentives and resources to participating schools who sign up to hold an event during the week of April 17-21. Hurry, supplies are limited, so first come first served! View WAD for more information, flier, and registration link.

SIT April Newsletter

Please see our April Newsletter for program updates, monthly appreciations and upcoming trainings. April is LGBTQ Pride & Advocacy Month! Don’t miss our intern corner with information and resources related to Transitions and Terminations. Finally, catch our “Intern in the Spotlight” this month, highlighting SIT Intern, Sasha Rodriguez, MFTT at SF International HS. Learn more about the Student Intervention Team. 

Application for Guardian Scholars Summer Academy

The Guardian Scholars Summer Academy is a 6-week program (June 12 - July 21, M-Th 9 am-1 pm) at CCSF designed to prepare students for a smooth transition to college and career. Students will receive college and/or high school credit, and up to a $1000 stipend for participating in a CCSF College Success class and job readiness workshops. Stipend provided by the JVS YES Program. Mandatory orientations. Complete and return application by April 11.  Read flyer to learn more | Download application


Harvest of the Month: Carrots

Finding Your Voice & Following Your Heart: LGBTQ Pride & Advocacy


  • Teach respect for differences in growth, development, physical appearance, gender roles, and sexual orientation
  • Research LGBTQ people in history
  • Identify/promote Allyship characteristics
  • Utilize LGBTQ curricula, books, resources
  • Plan art activities: Rainbow flags, posters...
  • Analyze influences of culture and media, on perceptions of gender roles, sexuality, and sexual orientation
  • Teach Personal Pronoun Education lessons in every classroom on a selected day


  • Implement Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Put up displays of famous LGBTQ people
  • Request LGBTQ wristbands, posters, buttons to distribute
    • a Rainbow Parade: assign each room a color and create flags and banners
    • Family Diversity Celebration where students introduce their families
    • A Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Day
    • LGBTQ Spirit Day: Pink Tsunami, Rainbow Day

READ THE WAD for ideas & info. | View all Health Awareness themes, pdf

SIT March Newsletter

Please see our March Newsletter for important updates, appreciations, and upcoming trainings.  In this month's newsletter, read about nutrition and the impact on mental health. Also, don’t miss out on reading who’s in the intern spotlight this month! Learn more about the Student Intervention Team. 


Harvest of the Month: Broccoli

Be Well: Nutrition & Physical Activity Awareness


  • Identify healthy foods, drinks and snacks
  • Provide lessons on benefits of drinking water and avoiding sugary beverages
  • Analyze caloric and nutritional value of foods and beverages, read food labels
  • Practice decision-making/goal-setting skills for food intake and physical activity
  • Explore the physical, academic, mental, and social benefits of physical activity
  • Analyze the influences of culture, peers, and media on food choices


  • Plan a school community meeting on the benefits of a daily nutritious breakfast
  • Create schoolwide agreement on implementing classroom physical activity breaks
  • Establish systems for Grab n Go Breakfasts
  • Hold a poster contest for Rethink your Drink
  • Share the Wellness Policy with staff and families
  • Schedule a fun run or walk-a-thon
  • Plan a Food and Fitness Fair for students and families
VIEW THE WADfor ideas & info. | View all Health Awareness themes, pdf

Elementary Family & Gender Diversity PD on March 21

K-5th Grade Educators, register by March 14 for the One of a Kind, Like Me/Único Como Yo LGBTQ Family & Gender Diversity in Elementary School Workshop on March 21. At the workshop, you will hear from the authors, learn best practices for creating a supportive learning environment and how to comply with educational policiy requirements. Stipend included. View WAD including registration link and flier.

Call For Entries! Videos and Artwork

Give Kids A SmileSFUSD youth, submit your videos and artwork for the See Through the Smoke! Teens Tackle Tobacco Presents: Anti-Tobacco/Anti-Vape PSA Contest. Prizes and movie tickets available. The deadline for submittals is March 15, 2017. Learn more!


Dental Poster Contest - Entry Deadline is March 6

Any K-5th grade student is welcome to participate in the 42 annual SF Dental Society's Dental Poster contest.  The theme this year will be “Choose Water for a Sparkling Smile” Prizes are awarded to winners. Entries must be received by March 6. See the WAD for more information.

SIT February Newsletter

Please see our February Newsletter for important updates, appreciations, and upcoming trainings.  In this month's newsletter, read about the impact exercise has on mental health in our “Intern Corner”.  Also, don’t miss out on reading who’s in the intern spotlight this month! Learn more about the Student Intervention Team. 

Free YouthAware Educational Theatre Play, Real Talk!

Real Talk! explores the basics of healthy choices, conflict resolution, peer pressure, self-esteem, and age-appropriate HIV & AIDS education through four engaging young characters who present fast-paced scenes and songs. The play is for fourth and fifth grade students and runs from January 10-26 at New Conservatory Theatre Center on Van Ness. Read WAD for more info and fact sheet.


Harvest of the Month: Cooked Greens (February)

Growing Bodies & Active Consent: Healthy Sexuality & Relationships

San Francisco Unified School District celebrates ​Growing Bodies & Active Consent: Healthy Sexuality and Relationships Month​ throughout ​February​. Schools are encouraged to hold events and teach lessons about friendships and healthy relationships.

READ THE WAD for ideas & info. | View full list of Health Awareness themes, pdf

SIT January Newsletter

Happy New Year! Please see our January Newsletter for important updates, appreciations, and upcoming trainings.  In recognition of “Build Friendships and Healthy Relationships” month, read about the Search Institute’s research on developmental assets, relationships, and communities improving the lives of young people in our “Intern Corner”.  Don’t miss out on reading who’s in the intern spotlight this month! Learn more about the Student Intervention Team. 


Harvest of the Month: Citrus (January)

1-Day Trauma-Informed Consultation PD

This day long professional development will focus on trauma-informed teacher consultation that can help to create more trauma-sensitive, safe and supportive learning environments by building teachers’ capacity to work more effectively with students exposed to trauma. Choose between two dates: January 25 or February 2. Read WAD to learn more | Register online.

Be Well, Do Well: a Professional Development Workshop                                                                 
The Be Well, Do Well workshop on February 2 will cover creating a personal, classroom and school wellness vision. Topics include setting goals and plans around food, fitness and welness, and the materials and resources to implement wellness action plans. School teams are encouraged to attend! Stipend included. Register by January 23. Read WAD to learn more

We have to grade students on Health? Yes, we do!

Register by January 13 for the Elementary Health Education Workshop: WE HAVE TO GRADE STUDENTS ON HEALTH?  YES, WE DO! to be held on January 18. This workshop is mandatory for all Health Advocates and Health Education Teacher Leaders and will cover health report card indicators and health curriculum. Stipend included. See WAD for more info and registration form.

Tips for Avoiding the Flu

Flu season is upon us. The San Francisco Department of Public Health reports increased influenza activity locally. The following are effective ways to prevent the spread of influenza:

  • Receive an annual seasonal flu vaccination (6 mos. & older)
  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid close contact
  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Cover your cough and sneeze with tissue or sleeve
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces or objects with district-approved cleaning agents.

Download WAD with more information and resources links for posters, etc.

SIT December Newsletter

Please see our December Newsletter for SIT updates, appreciations, and who’s in the SIT spotlight this month.  Check out our intern corner, which includes an article with valuable tips for caregivers about reducing family stress.  December training announcements, resource information and crisis lines are also provided in the intern corner of this month’s Newsletter. Learn more about the Student Intervention Team. 

LGBTQ Families Dinner Night Welcomes Over 120

On Wednesday March 26, SFUSD's Student, Family, and Community Support Department held its 3rd annual Families Dinner, “LGBTQ Pride District Wide.” Over 120 parents, students, district staff, school board members and CBO partners mingled, took pictures in our photo booth, and played games while sharing a welcoming space at Aptos Middle School. Learn more

SIT November Newsletter

Please read our November Newsletter for SIT program program updates, appreciations and this month’s training opportunities. Don’t miss out on reading about “Coping with Holiday Stress” in our mental health corner. Valuable information and resources are available in this month’s newsletter related to supporting students during the holiday season.  Learn more about the Student Intervention Team. 


Harvest of the Month: Winter Squash
Be An Ally & Stand Up For Peace: Violence Prevention


  • Promote gang violence awareness
  • Practice conflict resolution and effective communication skills
  • Analyze media messages promoting violence
  • Facilitate daily/weekly community circles
  • Teach lessons on understanding, preventing, and reporting bullying and cyber– bullying


  • Use Restorative Practices to prevent violence and facilitate conflict resolution
  • Paint Peace Paths on the yard, display Peace Path art projects, develop Peacemakers
  • Play “Good Behavior Game”
  • Organize assemblies on gun violence
  • Celebrate World AIDS Day on Dec. 1: Check out an AIDS Quilt to display; hold penny drives for AIDS emergency fund; order and distribute promotional items (stickers...)
DOWNLOAD WAD for ideas & info. | View full list of Health Awareness themes, pdf

2015-16 FITNESSGRAM Results

2015-16 FITNESSGRAM data for SFUSD students is now posted in our Data and Statistics section - we are going in the right direction! Take a look at the new numbers.

Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

SFUSD World AIDS Commemoration is December 1 through December 8, 2016. To participate, complete the agreement to host a panel of the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt Display, which includes a commitment to attend the training on November 28, 2016. Only 17 panels are available this year and are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. Agreements MUST be submitted by November 21. View WAD and agreement form.

Register for Elementary HIV/AIDS Workshop

Attend the ES Workshop: Safe, Smart & Healthy 2 - HIV/AIDS Educated Me! on November 30. HIV/AIDS prevention lessons are mandated as part of the 20 health education lessons that elementary school students should receive every year. Participants receive a stipend. Register by November 28.  Read WAD for more information.

Brief Intervention Training: November 2

Learn how to implement Brief Intervention Sessions, an innovative way to address student use of alcohol and other drugs such as using motivational interviewing and cognitive behavior therapy. View WAD for flier and more information.

Healthy Schools Checklist

The “Healthy Schools Checklist” was developed to assist school staff in ensuring the health and safety of all students by being prepared to respond to illnesses, injuries and health emergencies. Schools that submit a completed copy of the “Healthy Schools Checklist” will receive a Healthy School Certificate from School Health Programs. Checklists must be submitted by October 30, 2016. Read WAD to learn more.

SIT October Newsletter

Please read our October Newsletter for SIT program highlights and updates, information on CPS reporting and confidentiality, and a description of trainings taking place this month. Learn more about the Student Intervention Team.


 Be Safe, Be Smart: Substance Use Prevention  | Read WAD

  • Provide instruction on awareness of medicines and household products
  • Practice reading product labels
  • Arrange for CBO presentations on substance use prevention
  • Teach lessons on tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
  • Reinforce health-enhancing behaviors
  • Practice skills for stress management, refusal, and decision making
  • Celebrate a Healthy Halloween (candy-free and substance-free)
  • Create poetry, slogans, raps on substance use prevention
    Teach substance use prevention in all homeroom classes
  • Plan peer presentations in classrooms
  • Celebrate Red Ribbon week (Oct. 23-29)
  • Schedule health theater presentations:
View full list of Health Awareness themes for this school year | | Download PDF

Happy Healthy Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with fun and healthy substitutions for Halloween candy! Celebrating a nutritious and active Halloween is a great way to implement the SFUSD  Wellness Policy and model a healthy lifestyle for students, staff and families. See WAD for recipes, posters, family handouts for alternative treats and tooth information.

Red Ribbon Week: October 24-28

Celebrate Red Ribbon Week (“I Believe in Me Drug Free!”) from October 24-28 and present a united and visible commitment toward the creation of a Drug Free America; as well as providing education and resources for tobacco, alcohol and other drug prevention, per the Health Education Policy of mandated lessons.  The Red Ribbons are worn during Red Ribbon Week each year to demonstrate our unified commitment to a healthy, drug free lifestyle. Read WAD for ribbon request form and activity ideas.

Substance Use Prevention PD

Attend the "How to Teach Youth About Substance Use Prevention" Professional Development event on September 28. Learn about currents trends, the relationship between drug use and social-emotional health, research-based curricula and resources. Read WAD to learn more.

SIT September Newsletter

Welcome to a new School Year!   Please read our September Newsletter for SIT program highlights and updates, current staff biographies, and a description of trainings taking place this month. Learn more about the Student Intervention Team.

Elementary Health Advocate Applications due September 9

Health Advocates collaborate with School Health Programs to provide resources, updated health education information, and professional development opportunities for their schools. This position is for the 2016-17 school year. Position will be open to  twenty-five (25) schools that apply. All schools will receive some level of support from School Health Programs office. Elementary Certificated Staff preferred. Please apply even if you have been the Health Advocate in previous years. Learn more and apply now!

Elementary HETL Applications due September 9

Health Education Teacher Leaders collaborate intensively with School Health Programs, their principal, and staff to provide lessons, resources, updated health education information, and professional development opportunities for their schools. This position is for the 2016-17 school year. The position will be open to the first fifteen (15) schools that apply. Elementary Certificated Staff preferred. Learn more and apply now!

Middle School Health Science Credential Opportunity

Get funding and support to become a middle school Health teacher in SFUSD. Teachers will join a Middle School Health Science Professional Learning Community (PLC) to help prepare and support one another in getting a Health Science credential. All staff who currently hold a preliminary or clear teaching credential in any subject. Middle school teachers highly encouraged to apply Applications due September 16. Learn more and apply now!

Become a Mentor! Attend Orientation on September 6

SFUSD Central Office Staff, attend the New Mentor Orientation on Tuesday, Septermber 6 to volunteer to support a SFUSD student. Event will include Orientation to SFUSD Mentoring For Success Program and Introduction to Mentoring Best Practices. You’re Perfect For a Student We Know! Learn more


This month’s School Health Programs campaign focuses on starting the school year with developing healthy habits for the entire year.

  • Identify trusted adults with students
  • Give instruction on cooperation, appropriate expression of needs/wants, problem-solving strategies, health-enhancing goal setting /decision making
  • Recognize & name emotions and feelings
  • Establish positive behavior reward system (PAX Good Behavior Game, GoNoodle)
    Establish daily/weekly community circles
  • Review healthy routines: sleep, breakfast, water, nutrition, physical activity
  • Resolve conflicts with Restorative Practices
  • Invite Social Worker or Nurse to discuss health topics
  • Schedule assemblies on school rules/routines (meals, recess, emergency procedures)
  • Log students with medical needs, confirm meds are available w/trained staff member
  • Coordinate with Safe Routes to School for participation in events
  • Establish school wellness guidelines for Wellness Policy: Share with school community
  • Offer alternatives to benching at recess/PE
  • Recruit/refer students to physical activity clubs and After School Programs
  • Take a tour of the Wellness Center (MS/HS)
  • Celebrate Character Day on 9/22/16

Updated Student Safety Data Available

Learn about current health and safety risks associated with our LGBTQ youth from YRBS Survey Results for School Year 13-14 in the "Get the Facts" section of LGBTQ Support Services.

 Health Education Website Launched

The Health Education Team at School Health Programs announces the launch of our new website! Teachers can visit the website to plan their health course by viewing all of the recommended materials to fulfill the required Health Education lessons. 

Parents, students, nurses, social workers, and policy makers are also likely to find the website helpful in their work. 

Restorative Practices Videos

Observe students learning and practicing communication, empathy, and cooperation skills in three new videos of Restorative Practices circles at Flynn Elementary (Kindergarten), Feinstein (5th graders), and Wallenberg High School (two-part). View videos!

2016-17 Health Awareness Themes At a Glance

Plan ahead! Download a handy PDF with information about the Health Awareness Themes for the entire school year. View PDF.



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