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Teacher with students in classroom working on food project.

1. Teach Students Teach Students

Teach a lesson
Elementary classroom teachers in SFUSD are mandated to teach 20 health education lessons per year, two of which should focus on nutrition education. Recommended lessons from the district adopted Actions for Health are included as well as resources for additional activities, tips for linking to the language arts curriculum & more!

Create a healthy classroom
Make your classroom into a model of health for you and your students. Learn tips for facilitating healthy classroom celebrations, for integrating physical activity throughout the school day & for creating a classroom healthy snack pledge.

Cook with students
Give students real life skills for making their own healthy recipes which can link to classroom nutrition lessons and classroom celebrations.

Plan a field trip
Expand on the nutrition lessons you teach in your classroom and take a field trip to a local farmers’ market, grocery store or farm. Students gain an understanding of food production from farm to market.




Nutrition Education Project Logo

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