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About Harvest of the Month


The Harvest of the Month program offers educational resources related to a calendar of colorful fruits and vegetables.  It was developed by the Network for a Healthy California in order to motivate and empower students to develop healthier eating habits and to increase physical activity. The program includes a Tool Kit of resources to reach students, families & educators. The following resources are available for download from the Harvest of the Month download page:

  • Educator Newsletter 
    Provides resources for school staff focusing on a featured produce item. The ideas and hands-on activities link to a variety of curricular areas.
  • Family newsletter 
    Allows students and their families to share Harvest of the Month resources including recipes, healthy eating tips, & physical activities.
  • Harvest of the Month Educational Resources
    Provides Kindergarten – 6th grade level nutrition activity packets that links each Harvest of the Month highlight to other curricular areas as well as links to additional translations of the family newsletters.


 See complete list of this year's Harvest of the Month / News


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