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Choosing Healthier Food & Drinks Begins in Our Own Workplace!





Schools have led the way to healthier choices!

  • Many schools have snack and drink policies for student celebrations and student snacks. 
  • Teachers are rewarding students with field trips and extra P.E. time instead of pizza parties. 
  • Soda and sugar sweetened beverages are being replaced with fresh fruit smoothies and “spa water” (tap water with sliced fruit). 
  • Students can no longer buy soda from school vending machines.
  • Air-popped popcorn and carrot sticks are replacing chips.



Provide Healthy Choices Poster It is time for SFUSD administrative offices and school staffrooms to take action!

SFUSD staff can be role models for peers, students and families by creating healthier environments throughout the District.  We want our staff to be fit and healthySchool Health Programs has taken the lead in creating healthy food and drink guidelines for their office meetings and events. Read WAD.

  • Water or “spa water” is offered in pitchers at meetings and events—instead of soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages, like energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit punches and sweetened iced tea.
  • A short physical activity break is included as part of staff meetings.
  • Fresh fruit or vegetables are provided for refreshments.
  • Healthier options, like hummus and raw vegetables, are offered instead of cookies, candy and cake.

View Provide Healthy Choices Poster  (pdf)


Here is what you can do:

Let’s support the health of all members of our school community—students, families & staff!

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