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Heatlh Advocates use resources from tbe Nutrition and Physical Activity Resource Bin.



The Nutrition and Physical Activity Resource Bin

Attention all SFUSD Elementary Schools! Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

Scenario One: At the start of the year, many of your students tell you that their former teacher used to give them M&Ms for finishing all of their homework and that it made them work really hard. They are requesting Skittles this year.

Scenario Two: The candy and chips situation has gotten out of control in your classroom. You want to make your classroom healthier but do not know where to start…

Scenario Three: After lunch your class is getting ready for science exploration when Tia's mother comes in with 24 double chocolate cupcakes and 2 jugs of Sunny D to celebrate her birthday. 

Looking for resources to help? 

Introducing The Nutrition and Physical Activity Resource Bin

Provide Healthy Choices PosterProvide Healthy Choices PosterProvide Healthy Choices Poster

You are in luck! There is a new Nutrition and Physical Activity Resource tub at your elementary school site full of nutrition education and physical activity promotion materials that are available to each elementary school.

Ask your Health Advocate or principal where the resource tub will be located. 

What's in the Tub?

This year the SFUSD School District committed money through School Health Programs to purchase a new curriculum and supporting materials for nutrition education and physical activity.

The main curriculum is called “Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools”. Materials for this curriculum indlude two binders of lessons: one for K-2 and one for grades 3-5. 

The lessons are focused on creating a healthier classroom environment through classroom snack policies, healthy celebrations, physical activity breaks, and use the classroom and school as the subject of the activities

In the tub there is a folder which contains the inventory list of materials and a simple check out system.  Before you remove anything from the tub, please write down the material, your name and the date you checked it out.


The SFUSD Wellness Policy lays out the guidelines for the food that is served to students during the school day, this includes vending machines, fundraising, celebrations and rewards. 

There is a push to create healthier classroom and healthier school environments: rewarding students with non-food items, serving “spa” waters (Fruit/herb infused) instead of sugar sweetened beverages, celebrating in the classroom with fresh fruit and vegetables instead of candy and chips and including regular physical activity breaks. The resources help support this initiative.

Let’s work together to make our classrooms and our school a model of health that supports our students’ academic success.


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