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Make a Healthy Eating Pledge

Writing or drawing a healthy pledge is a great way to get students of all ages to start thinking about ways they can become healthier. 

  • At school: create a bulletin board in the cafeteria, displaying and reminding students of their pledges.
  • At home: create a refrigerator art gallery.
  • In the classroom: support students’ healthy pledges by creating healthy classroom snack and party food policies with students.
  • As a group: create a list of snacks and drinks that students can munch on during the school day.
  • For special occasions: create a sample party menu including both healthy foods and some treats.
    Boy at pledge wall.
    • Have a party sign-up sheet to involve children in making healthy party decisions.
    • Display the healthy snack/drink list and party menu in the classroom and remind students as needed.

Send letters home to parents informing them of both policies (Classroom and District Wellness Policy). In addition, consider sending a healthy snack list home.

Lesson Plans and Support Materials

For more information and to download a blank pledge visit Healthy Pledge Forms in our Classroom Support section.


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