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ATTEND A FOOD & FITNESS ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING The vision of the Food and Fitness Advisory Committee (FFC) is that SFUSD students have healthy appetizing school food and regular physical activity; and know why these are important for their wellbeing, their ability to learn, and their environment. Attend a meeting and contribute to the revisions of the SFUSD Wellness Policy and more. Monthly meetings are from 3:30 to 5:00 PM and are open to the public. Find meeting dates, agendas and more.

Policies and Standards

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Health Education Policy
Physical Education Policy
Wellness Policy
Standards for California Public Schools




Health Education Policy

Teaching of nutrition education is supported by District Policy #19-24SP1, which requires use of district adopted materials, skills based content focused, and professional development Health Education mandates.

  • Elementary School: 20 lessons / grade level / year
  • Middle School: 30 hours / grade level /year
  • High School: One semester graduation requirement


Physical Education Policy

Physical Education is mandated by District and State Education Codes as follows:

  • Elementary School: 200 minutes / 10 days (K-6)
  • Middle School: 400 minutes / 10 days
  • High School: 2 years of 400 minutes / 10 days


Wellness Policy in Action!(Audio)

Listen to how Principal Emmanuel Stewart from Carver Elementary School has put SFUSD's Wellness Policy into action. 

Listen now!

Wellness Policy

In April 2015, the Board of Education approved an updated wellness policy that was developed through a collaborative community process

Wellness Policy (P5167) (pdf)  meets all the provisions of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA), and provides all schools with a framework to actively promote the health and wellness of students, staff and families; it includes guidelines related to nutrition, nutrition education, food and beverage marketing, physical education  physical activity, and staff wellness.  The Wellness Policy is meant to inspire and empower a shift in culture that will increase healthy eating and physical activity among our students by creating environments that encourage and support healthy choices.  ENGLISH | SPANISH| CHINESE

Each school is encouraged to establish a School Wellness Committee to help implement and evaluate adherence to the Policy and to create a ‘school wellness report card’ to detail progress.



Be Well Booklet

Check out our new Wellness Policy Booklet (pdf) to see how you can be well and do well, too!





See what students and staff are saying about SFUSD's Wellness Policy.  


Policy Key Points . . .

  • SFUSD Nutrition Guidelines

    The District’s nutrition guidelines applies to all foods and beverages sold or served to students, staff and families on every PreK­‐12 campus and administrative building, including: snacks; rewards; celebrations; school meals; a la carte service in the cafeteria; vending machines; donated food; school stores; snack bars/concession stands; fundraisers on school grounds; classroom­‐based activities; staff and parent meetings; after school programs.
  1. District funds can only be used to purchase foods and beverages that meet the District’s nutrition guidelines.
  2. Sweetened Beverages and juice will not be sold or served to SFUSD students, staff or families at any time.
  3. All vending machines on District property will adhere to the District’s nutrition guidelines. Adult vending machines may contain unsweetened coffee or tea beverages.
  4. Class parties or celebrations must adhere to the District’s nutrition guidelines and may only be held after the lunch period.
  • Staff as Role Models
  1. All staff are encouraged to promote healthy school environments by being positive role models for healthy behaviors on school property and at school­‐sponsored meetings and events where students are present, including only eating/drinking items that comply with the District’s nutrition guidelines.
  2. District staff will not use food or beverages as a reward for students' academic performance, accomplishments, or classroom behavior.
  3. Students will be allowed to eat or finish their breakfast in class at the beginning of the school day
  • Physical Activity
  1. District staff shall use restorative approaches to support positive student behaviors and will not withhold recess or other physical activity or physical education as a form of punishment.
  2. District staff shall work with relevant City departments and local agencies to assess walking and biking conditions at each school and leverage opportunities to make it easier for students to walk or bike to school.
  • Fundraising Guidelines
  1. Student­‐run fundraising is regulated by both the California Code of Regulations and the SFUSD Nutrition Guidelines. 
  2. On­campus adult-run fundraisers involving food or beverages may only occur after the end of the school day through midnight or on weekends and holidays. Sugary beverages may not be sold.

Please see Wellness Policy Booklet (pdf) for more specific guidelines. 


Standards for California Public Schools


Additional District and State policy mandates related to nutrition and physical education: SFUSD Nutrition/Physical Education Related Policies (pdf)



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