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A Safety Transfer meeting occurs when there is an incident that threatens the safety and welfare of a student.

  • The student and/or family reports safety concerns to the school administration.
  • The Administrator proceeds to investigate the incident at school and advises the family to request a police report to document the incident if one has not already been written.
  • A referral for a Safety Transfer must be accompanied by a police report.
  • A Safety Transfer can only be made by an administrator after all site based interventions have been used to mediate/resolve any given situation. A restorative approach to conflict resolution is highly encouraged on site.
  • A Child Welfare and Attendance Liaison (CWAL) is assigned to follow-up with the student and site-based student support services staff (e.g.: Counselor, Wellness Coordinator, LSP, etc.) on the action plan and to provide resources/linkages for a successful transition back to the school

For more information:

CWART Reference Guide (doc)
Safety Transfer Flow Chart (doc)






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