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The goal of the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) is to identify and remediate student attendance issues.

Prior to referring a student to SARB, a school will help the student remedy his/her attendance issues by referring the student to the Student Assistance Program (SAP), the Student Success Team (SST), and the Student Attendance Review Team (SART). Interventions may include counseling, mentoring, tutoring, after school program referral, behavioral support, wellness center referral and home visits.Brochure

School Site and Student, Family, and Community Support Department (SFCSD) counselors use a database (Truancy Module) to monitor student attendance, and immediately identify students at risk of truancy.

SARB Hearings

SARB hearings are facilitated by a SFCSD administrator or counselor. A SARB Contract is developed at every hearing. The Contract contains an action plan delineating next steps, interventions and supports to address student’s attendance issues.

For all students that have SARB hearings, follow-up meetings are provided by ERIPs, CWALs, Attendance Liaisons in collaboration with site-based Student Support Services staff

SARB has the power to refer families to the District Attorney (D.A.). Parents who fail to attend, or follow SARB directives may be guilty of an infraction, and referred to the D.A. for prosecution. Students who fail to follow SARB directives may be referred to the D.A., have their driver’s permit or license suspended or withheld until age 21.

For help keeping your children in school, or if you have questions, please call:

Stay in School Hotline
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