School Counseling Internship

School Counseling Internship
Ling Busche
Head Counselor, Counseling and Social Services
20 Cook St.
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Welcome to the School Counseling Internship Program in SFUSD

Internships in School Counseling are available at Middle and High Schools for graduate students pursuing a Pupil Personnel Services credential (PPSC) in school counseling. All PPSCs will be supervised at their school site by a Pupil Personnel Services credentialed School Counselor, Head Counselor/Dean, Assistant Principal or Principal.

SFUSD truly values the School Counseling Intern program. It is the goal of the internship program to match interns with placements that will best help them to accomplish the requirement of the university program, and learn the skills they need to master the many roles and responsibilities performed by a school counselor to serve the education community.

Comments from Intern End of Year Evaluation of Site Supervisors

My site supervisor is so supportive; she has pushed me in a good way from day one. I always felt like she had my best interests in mind. I am very fortunate to have her as a mentor.”

“I felt very blessed to work with a supervisor that was willing to reflect on his own practices, discuss systemic issues, and provide a long term perspective. I could tell he took his responsibility to train, supervise and support me very seriously.”

If you’re interested in pursuing a PPSC in Social Work, please contact the Student Intervention Team.

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