Refugee and Immigrant Supports in Education (RISE-SF)

Refugee and Immigrant Supports
in Education
Formerly Caminos

Angelina Romano, MSW/PPS
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In 2014, in response to the "surge" of asylum seekers crossing the southern border of the United States, SFUSD created the program Caminos, the Spanish word for "journey" or "path," to ensure this community was supported. From the beginning, our mission has been to expand services to include all refugee and immigrant students and families, regardless of nationality or migration experience.

 After the student led Board of Education resolution, "Undocumented, Unafraid, and United," demanded, among many things, the creation of a centralized resource to support undocumented youth, RISE-SF was founded.  

We are endlessly thankful for the work and support undertaken everyday by allied SFUSD programs and staff, city agencies, young people and caregivers, and the San Francisco community at large. Si, se puede!

Our Values

  • Making Spaces Brave
    We believe creating safe educational communities requires a proactive stance with honesty, humility, self-reflection, and bravery on the part of educators to ensure all of our rights are upheld so students feel Safe, Healthy, and Ready to Learn.
  • Culture Is Strength
    Immigrant youth and families thrive when they maintain a connection to their culture of origin. RISE-SF believes the promotion of multiculturalism and multilingualism –through school-wide events, small group programming, curriculum and instruction, and individual supports- can heal historical and current traumas.
  • Ensuring Equity
    In alignment with SFUSD’s goals of achieving racial equity, RISE-SF works to eliminate oppression, end biases, and ensure equally high outcomes for all students through the creation of multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic, multiracial, multiability practices and conditions; removing the predictability of success or failure that currently correlates with any social or cultural factor. Equitably supporting the educational needs and strengths of immigrant students demands a willingness to create radical new structures and processes.

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