Refugee and Immigrant Supports in Education (RISE-SF)
Artist: Joel Bergner; reprinted with permission.

Refugee and Immigrant Supports
in Education
Formerly Caminos

Angelina Romano, MSW/PPS
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Find forms and documents at RISE-SF Google Drive Folder.

There have been a few news reports recently warning of possible Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plans to target Northern California for immigration arrests. While these reports do not reflect an official statement made by Homeland Security/ICE, it is still important to be informed and prepared. Thankfully, we have plans in place for supporting vulnerable families.

1) SFUSD Sanctuary Policy: Please review our policies for "Responding to ICE Visit Checklist" and our "Supporting Immigrant Student Checklist". These policies also apply to community organizations working with students before, during and after school.

2) Student and Family Communication: Please be mindful of how we communicate to families about reports related to potential ICE enforcement. It is important to remain calm and only communicate known facts and to focus on empowering students and families with information and resources.

3) Rapid Response Network: Many counties in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, have a 24 hour multilingual hotline in place to investigate possible ICE activities in the community and to support individuals through ICE encounters. These Rapid Response Networks will send out a team of legal advocates to a location to offer legal advocacy. If you, a student, caregiver, or community member suspects or sees ICE officials in the neighborhood or at their home, please advise them to call one of the numbers on the "California Counties Rapid Response Hotlines" sheet. The San Francisco Rapid Response hotline is (415) 200-1548.

4) Legal Consults: If students and families express concerns to you regarding possible ICE arrests, please encourage them to consult with an attorney so they can be prepared in case of ICE contact and to determine if they are eligible for immigration relief. You may share a list of "Legal Referral Agencies" at your site (See Attached). Additionally, the following San Francisco specific online immigration portal can help individuals find the right immigration attorney for them, and this national online tool can help individuals determine if they may qualify for immigration relief.

4) Know Your Rights and Family Emergency Toolkit: The San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network offers a variety of immigrant support services and publications. SFILEN can offer multilingual workshops at your school site regarding constitutional rights and engaging with law enforcement as well as support for families in creating a plan in case of detention and/or deportation. If you are interested in coordinating a presentation at your school, please fill out the SFUSD Community Speaker Request Form.

5) Positive School Climate: It is always important to defend everyone’s right to feel safe and supported at school. Please be aware of possible incidents of bullying and harassment that may come from this current political climate. Take all incidents seriously; immediately inform site leadership of any such reports. United We Dream offers a toolkit for middle and high school educators and Teaching Tolerance offers a wide array of teaching resources as well. For teachers of younger students, it is advised to consult with caregivers prior to talking to students directly about ICE and deportation; instead, consider talking to young people about their feelings and developing positive coping mechanisms; examples of this are available in the comic book Rosita Gets Scared.

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