Refugee and Immigrant Supports in Education (RISE-SF)

Refugee and Immigrant Supports
in Education
Formerly Caminos

Angelina Romano, MSW/PPS
cell: 415-890-5324
office: 415-242-2615
fax: 415-242-2618

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Staff Capacity Building

RISE-SF is available to support your school site or district program in creating and enhancing programs, services, practices, and interventions that are responsive to refugee and immigrant students and families. 

We are available for:

  • Staff Training and Workshops
  • In Person or Phone Consultations
  • Program Planning Meetings

Our multimedia, interactive trainings are specially tailored to meet the needs of your school and program team.

Topics can include:

  • The Migration Journey
  • Newcomer Welcoming and School Orientations
  • Acculturation Process
  • Healing Centered Engagement Practices
  • Cultural Competency & Humility
  • RTI Strategies for Newcomers
  • Family Engagement
  • Family Reunification
  • Use of Interpreters and Translators
  • Sanctuary Policies and Protocols

Community & Academic Linkages

RISE-SF can support staff and students get linked to needed community services.
While we do not offer case management, we can support in identifying programs and services in the community that can meet the linguistic and cultural needs of students and families, including referrals for:

  • Mental Health Services
  • Immigration Attorneys
  • Asylum Evaluations
  • Non-Citizen Employment Opportunities
  • Out of School Tutoring

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