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Good Behavior Game

Tracy Nick
Good Behavior Game Coach
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Welcome to Good Behavior Game

The Good Behavior Game (GBG) is a proven prevention and protection tool that an individual classroom teacher can use to improve the lifetime outcomes for each child in his or her classroom.

The Game teaches students to “flip on” their internal focus switch, required for any learning. It teaches students how to work toward valued goals, and teaches them how to cooperate with each other to reach those goals. Students learn how to self regulate during both learning and fun. Students learn how to delay gratification for a bigger goal. And, the Game protects students against lifetime mental, emotional, behavioral, and related physical illnesses for their futures.


Prevention Benefits of the Good Behavior Game

Just one year of using the Game in primary grades has lasting effects for 20 to 30 years—reducing most mental illnesses, crime, violence, tobacco use, alcohol addiction, suicide attempts, depression, etc. Students are more likely to graduate from high school and enter university, too.

What are some of the proven, long-term effects of PAX?

See this image a larger size.

In addition, the Good Behavior Game:

  • Increases time for learning by 25% or more during the year
  • Leads to 75-125 fewer disruptions per hour in classes
  • Reduces the need for special education services by 30%
  • Results in 30% to 60% reduction in referrals, suspensions or expulsions

How Cost Efficient is the Game?

The Game is like a behavioral vaccine (i.e., washing hands, fastening seatbelts), and it costs less than childhood medical vaccinations. GBG saves society, taxpayers, families, and children over $14,300 per child lifetime.

To learn more about how the Good Behavior Game and its cost effectiveness, please refer to the following pdf from, the Good Behavior Game is on page 6. View pdf.

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