“It’s about time! We needed to have a paradigm shift in our district to address the needs of our students, particularly those that experienced trauma in their lives (personal & school) and haven’t been given a voice.” - CWAL, PSP



Whole School Implementation of RP

Whole School Implementation Guide

Whole School
Implementation Guide

Checklist | Responsibilities and Commitment Chart

RP Whole School Implementation Guide

A Step by Step Guide to Planning and Implementation

Purpose of Guide

This Whole-School Implementation Guide is designed to offer a step by step evidence-based approach that ensures an inclusive, comprehensive, successful and sustainable change effort through the implementation of Restorative Practices.

Components of Whole-School Change Model

Incorporated into the step by step process, this whole-school implementation model includes the following critical stages of implementation:

  • Restorative Practices Introduction to Entire School Community
  •  Identifying Need and Preferred Outcomes
  •  Establishing School Site Implementation Team
  •  Collecting School Climate and Discipline Baseline data
  •  Establishing the Foundation for a Welcoming and Safe School Culture
  •  Restorative Practices Professional Development
  •  Systems of Support (Professional Learning Communities)
  •  Progress Checks (measuring outcomes)
  •  Sustainability

This guide contains the following tools to assist SFUSD School Sites in facilitating thorough planning and implementation:

  • Table of Contents
  • Step by Step Overview
  • Staff Meeting Agendas
  • Team Meeting Agendas
  • School Climate Reflection tools (surveys and fishbowls)
  • Supporting worksheets and documents

Whole-School Implementation Overview


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