State & City Initiatives

Expanded Learning Collaborative

The Expanded Learning Collaborative (formerly San Francisco Afterschool for All) aims to create a citywide afterschool system that addresses challenges and fosters collaboration to achieve a central goal: providing quality afterschool programs for all K-12 children.

The Expanded Learning Collaborative is guided by an Advisory Council composed of representatives of the school district, city departments, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, funders, and parents.

The Expanded Learning Collaborative effort has been led by the SF Department of Children, Youth & Their Families and the SF Unified School District.



The San Francisco Department of Children, Youth & Their Families creates and facilitates innovative citywide policies and projects in support of children, youth, and families. As a result, children, youth, and families from throughout the City participate in a broad range of programs in the areas of early child care, academic support, health and wellness, youth workforce development, and cultural enrichment. The mission of the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families is to ensure that families with children are a prominent and valued segment of San Francisco’s social fabric by supporting programs and activities in every San Francisco neighborhood. The DCYF goals, called the Quality of Life Benchmarks, were adopted by the Board of Supervisors and Mayor and spelled out in the San Francisco city charter in 2001:

  • Children and youth are healthy
  • Children and youth are ready to learn and are succeeding in school
  • Children and youth live in safe, supported families
  • Children and youth live in safe, supported, and viable communities
  • Children and youth contribute to the development and vitality of San Francisco
  • San Francisco retains and begins to grow its child, youth, and family population

Please visit the Department of Children, Youth and Families website here:

SF Kids

SFkids is created by San Francisco parents and funded by the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families (DCYF), working with their nonprofit partner SFkids is designed to help every family in every neighborhood of our beautiful City raise healthy, happy children from babies to young adulthood. Resources provided by SFkids range from park, child care and after school listings to youth training and employment opportunities and much more.

Please visit the SFkids website here:

California After School

The California After School Resource Center (CASRC) supports quality after school programming throughout the state through its comprehensive Web site, access to our circulating library of research-based instructional materials, trainings, and other supportive services and resources to providers to promote literacy and mathematics skills, as well as safe learning environments for youth in kindergarten through grade twelve.

Please visit the California After School website here:

San Francisco Beacon Initiative

The Beacon Centers transform public schools into youth and family centers that become a beacon of activity for the surrounding neighborhood. Drawing on the existing wealth in our communities, Beacon Centers create pathways to lifelong learning through which young people and adults can always find the next challenge or step in their process of learning, growth, and development throughout a lifetime. The Beacon Initiative is a public-private partnership that includes the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and their Families, the San Francisco Unified School District, community organizations, and local foundations, led by the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund. Oversight for the Beacon Initiative is provided by the Beacon Steering Committee, which includes representatives of each Stakeholder group.  Each Beacon Center is managed by a non-profit, community-based organization that serves as the lead agency, and has a Director and staff. The lead agency partners with a number of local community and public agencies to offer the activities that occur at each Center. The Centers offer young people a vibrant array of programs focused on five different areas that are important to their future.

Please visit the San Francisco Beacon Initiative website here:




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