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Lights On! After School

Lights On! After School is a nationwide event used to bring awareness to After School Programs. Programs across the nation celebrate with various activities such as performances, showcases, community block parties, and Open Houses just to name a few. This year’s Light On! After School event took place on or around October 22nd. Here is what some of our ExCEL Programs did around the city.

Glen Park

For Lights on After School we hosted a school-wide STEAM Night focusing on Science and Engineering.  The staff and kids made the booths and we had 15 Student STEAM Ambassadors for the night. A group of our parents served a free Taco Bar dinner, then we had 2 hours of experimenting! Local merchants in the Glen Park Community were invited and the Glen Park Public Library had a booth as well. Throughout the evening we had about 300 parents and students attend.  Fun and very successful night!
-Susan, Glen Park



We did art with the parents, had food chicken, salad, and fruit with water. We played loteria, handed out prizes, painted pumpkins, made masks, played games with parents, staff and kids.
-Ben, Cleveland



Sharks Until Dark has been focusing on Kindness this school year and has started working on a kindness campaign. So for Light's on Afterschool we took a picture of all of program spelling out the word KIND.
-Beth, Sherman



At Lafayette elementary we celebrated and season, and after school programs, with a fun evening of pumpkin decorating! We also drank hot chocolate and did other themed crafts. We enjoyed having family as well as student participation, and our students came up with some really great pumpkins! 
-Simone, Lafayette


Commodore Sloat

At the Anchor Program, students invited their families to participate in exciting activities such as Balloon Rockets, Build Your Own Bird Feeder, DIY Scratch Paper and a high intensity Cardio Dance Off.
-Olivia, Commodore Sloat



Hillcrest after school kicked off Halloween 2015 with their annual "Lights Off After school" carnival and potluck dinner for families and participants. The event was part of the national "Lights on Afterschool" day and included Halloween arts and crafts activities, carnival games, a potluck dinner, and of course a first look at everyone's costumes for Halloween night. Over 200 families, caregivers, and participants attended the event.
-Cindy, Hillcrest


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