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Healthy Active Youth at O'Connell High

John O’Connell High School’s students planned and lead "Let’s Get a Healthy Start" Bootcamp on January 12 @ the school’s fitness lab.

Students at the Urban Services YMCA-ExCEL After School Program at John O'Connell planned and lead Fitness Bootcamp for ExCEL After School Site Coordinators. The intention of this session was to highlight O'Connell's Healthy and Wellness efforts and to demonstrate that fitness equipment isn't always needed to get fit. Each girl was responsible for leading a fitness activity. After several rounds of squats, lunges, planks and burbees everyone had worked up a sweat and learned a few tricks to staying fit. Students shared a brief reflection, explaining how “working out at the fitness lab” had provided them with a way to be connected to the program, each other and to make positive changes.

After school staff from Burton High School attended the session and were appreciative of the students efforts. Site Coordinator Grecia Mendez shared, "It gave me knowledge to help peruse youth fitness at Burton without equipment and will help support our Healthy Active Youth goals. It made us realize that little things can count as fitness."

John O’Connell Sophomores Devianna and Maria enjoy sharing their exercise routines with others and attribute working out as key to their school success. The girls shared that working out makes them feel smarter and more clear. Sharing that feeling is what motivates them to teach others.

MISSED THE FIRST BOOTCAMP? Join the O’Connell Fitness Crew on MARCH 22 @ 6:30 PM for Session 2 networking and snacks after.
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