Two Great Programs at Visitacion Valley Elementary School 

The After School Program at Visitacion Valley Elementary overseen by Jacquelyn Severino, currently offers two wonderful programs for their students. These two programs focuses on helping upper grade students navigate the jungles of being a preteen.


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Vis Valley's MIGHTEE girls took a break from learning about influential women in history as well as in today's society to snap a picture. 

MIGHTEE (Mentoring and Inspiring Girls Heading Towards Education and Empowerment), is a program designed to provide 4th and 5th grade girls a safe space to learn, discuss, share and bond over sensitive and important topics while building self-esteem and leadership skills.

The weekly workshops use a variety of techniques including lectures, discussions, group activities/projects, guest speakers and student collaborations. The program’s goal is to help girls find their voice and learn how to make healthy decisions for themselves, to better their future, and become positive leaders in their community. Some topics covered in MIGHTEE include: friendship and relationship building, expressing individuality, safety, developing positive stress and anger coping skills, and breaking gender stereotypes in the media. MIGHTEE encourages the Y’s four core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, and caring as well as teaching them to uphold the YMCA program’s #1 goal of safety.

Here is what participants have to say about MIGHTEE:

"I Like MIGHTEE. It helps me learn things about girls and stuff that happens in our lives. We also talk about growing up." ~ Sherita X, age 11

"I enjoy MIGHTEE because we get to chat about thing we usually don't. It's an all girls group and it makes me feel more comfortable." ~ Trina L, age 10



2. Y Prep

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Vis Valley's 5th grade Y-Prep students on our career research day.

The other great program is Y Prep which focuses on helping 5th grade students transition safely and confidently from elementary school to middle school. The program provides them with a positive environment to learn about their educational journey ahead.

This program offers guest speakers, field trip tours, and provides resources to students about local middle schools, high schools and colleges. Our goal is to have 5th grade students feeling excited, confident and safe about their upcoming transition to middle school and help students identify, develop and strengthen key skills on how to manage important changes in one’s life. Y Prep uses well respected former 5th grade YMCA peers as role models to share their own personal experiences in transitioning from elementary school to middle school and to high school.

"In Y Prep, I learned about the career I would like to have. I learned what I need to do to get this job." ~ Anthony H, age 10

"I like Y Prep because it help me learn about how to become a doctor." ~ Salina V, age 10


"In Y Prep, I learned that different careers need different skills to get a job and get that job graduating high school and going to college." ~ Jimmy N, age 10

Spotlight Photo
5th Grade students presenting to the class about their interests regarding future careers as a baker and a surgical nurse.


Great job VVES After School Crew!

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