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ExCEL Manager Shares Impact of After School Programs
On Her Life

Yashica Crawford, Ph.D., is the Manager of the ExCEL Afterschool Programs.† She brings with her a rich background in education, teaching, grant writing, research and publishing.† Her insight into the world of after school care is personalófrom elementary through high school, she herself was part of an after school program and it made a lasting impact on the person she is today.††

What is your role in ExCEL?
As Manager of the program, I help insurance grant compliance for all 93 sites. ††I provide direct supervision to the ExCEL coordinators.† I work with CBOs to secure partnerships.† I support the organizationís growth opportunities and our mission to align services with our kids.†

What are the benefits of the Program?
The primary benefit is it gives young people a safe and caring environment to be right after school to about 6 p.m. †In the past, most kids used to go home and wait for their parents.† Now these same kids have access to a whole enrichment program featuring academics and recreation.† This not only offers support for our kids but also for their parents.

What does the Program mean to you?
It means I have the opportunity to support and help a whole lot of families and youth. †Thatís the most appealing part for me.† The San Francisco Unified School District is aware of the unique position that the after school programs offer to youth and thatís why the ExCEL program continues.† We have a lot of great partners to make this possible.

How can the community support the Program?
Since we are grant-funded to ensure compliance, we need the community to participate in our program.† †Ideas include: advocating for after school care; and †donating your time and skills to support us.† †These are a few simple ideas that result in huge assets.

Can you provide me with one example of how the Program has helped a student?
It helped me! I attended an after school program from elementary through high school.† I was able to hone my leadership skills that helped me create lifelong bonds with other students and also to establish a mentor relationship.† Without it I would have been a latch key kid.† When you have an idle mind anything can happen.† It allowed me the opportunity to become a better-rounded person.

What is your personal philosophy?
Be in love with what you are doing. †Iím so grateful that every single day I have the unique opportunity to support youth.† Itís amazing.



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