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Global Youth Service Day Film Festival

The Bridge Theatre on Geary rolled out the red carpet for ExCEL students to showcase films they spent all semester producing to celebrate Global Youth Service Day.  Eager students formed long lines out of the theatre as they filed in to collect their popcorn and enjoy fifteen shorts each of which were one minute long.

The film topics and styles were broad, mature, funny and poignant. Students from Marina Middle School showcased shorts on U.S. History that they created using Flash animation. Students from Ulloa Elementary presented an anti-drug public service announcement, while students from Alvarado showed off their claymation skills. Other shorts included a retro silent film, "Robot Power" from McKinley Elementary and a didactic "Pizza Party" film from Francisco Middle School.  

Throughout the semester, students learned production, film, editing and acting techniques and poured their creativity into the entirely youth driven films.  Cheers and murmurs of approval could be heard as the filmmakers proudly watched their work on the big screen.

Global Youth Service Day is the largest youth led service event in the world, which involves over 100 countries participating in it. Through this film festival, our students provided a great service to their community by bringing parents, program staff, and youth together to demonstrate that they can send powerful messages of their creativity, intellect, and desire to change the world through film.  This event was held in spring.

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