LIghts On at HIllcrest.

SPOTLIGHT  Lights On After School

Update:  Lights On After School 2007 was held October 18, see photos!

On Thursday, October 12, 2006, ExCEL After School Programs around the city participated in Lights On Afterschool events. Students at Carver Elementary cleaned up trash around their school. Students at Sunnyside Elementary participated in a dance performance. Denman Middle School students joined in a scavenger hunt that ended in a barbeque. The events were as varied as the programs holding them, but one thing is clear:

Students with art mural.

After School Rocks!

The after school programs at Ulloa, Sunset, and Francis Scott Key Elementary Schools got together to parade Sunset Boulevard for a massive after school rally. Cars honked in support of students who waved their brightly colored signs and shouted positive after school messages at the passing traffic.

At Hillcrest Elementary School, students in the after school program participated in healthy activities, including games, yoga, and nutrition education centers where students learned about healthy eating habits.

Students from the after school programs at Marina Middle School, Francisco Middle School, and Galileo High School met at Marina for fun and games - and Karaoke!

Students with art mural.


Thank you to all participating sites for helping to keep the lights on after school! .......

Gordon J. Lau Elementary School, Cesar Chavez Elementary School, Sunset Elementary School, Jean Parker Elementary School, John Yehall Chin Elementary School, Sherman Elementary School, Spring Valley Elementary School, Francisco Middle School, A.P. Giannini Middle School, Marina Middle School, Ulloa Elementary School, Sanchez Elementary School, Cleveland Elementary School, Visitacion Valley Elementary School , Glen Park Elementary School, Sunnyside Elementary School, Malcolm X Academy, Marshall Elementary School, Claire Lilienthal, El Dorado Elementary School, Miraloma Elementary School, Flynn Elementary School, Horace Mann Middle School, Francis Scott Key Elementary School, Monroe Elementary School, John Muir Elementary School, Bryant Elementary School, Starr King Elementary School, Hillcrest Elementary School

Lights On After School 2007 was held October 18, see photos!

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