Lights On at FSKFrancis Scott Key Elementary (a Sunset Neighborhood Beacon site) celebrates Lights On!


Lights On After School

Lights On! After School is a nation-wide day of celebration for after school programs. The event was created by the After School Alliance in October of 2000. Lights On! was created “to call attention to the importance of afterschool programs for America’s children, families and communities.” After school programs are funded almost exclusively through After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program and 21st Century Community Learning Centers and Lights On! is a celebration of the national, state and local communities efforts to keep the lights on in our ever important after school programs.

Each year the San Francisco Unified School District ExCEL after school program sites host celebrations ranging from family events, and special enrichment activities, to completing the now ubiquitous Lights On! light bulbs.

On October 18th, 2012 Lights On! was celebrated across the nation and across San Francisco. Check out a sample of some of the wonderful things that SFUSD students and families participated in thanks to ExCEL and all our wonderful Community Partners at Redding, Francis Scott Key, Burton High School and Guadalupe. Activities ranged from interactive, community building games (parachute and father/son pool) to parade style celebrations to family potlucks.

To find out more about Lights On! After School, check out the Afterschool Alliance website. See photos from events from across the country..

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Lights On

Lights On

Lights On

Lights On


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