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Being a part of the Recreation and Nutrition Cohort has been a great resource for us at Starr King. Programs like the “Mayor’s Challenge Shape Up SF" are designed to get people of all ages walking in their neighborhoods for better health, which makes it easier for us to get kids engaged in healthy thinking.

Our neighborhood was our biggest obstacle because it is not the safest place to walk with 15-20 kids during sunset hours. So we decided to come up with different ways to get them active inside school grounds. One is to walk around the playground’s perimeter a minimum of 15 times, which equals three miles, or run basketball or soccer drills for the full 45 minutes.

Students are walking an average of 3 miles per day twice a week, which they monitor on the Shape Up SF website

Here are some details about SHAPE UP SF:

  • It promotes group activity
  • Everyone participates in 40-60 minutes of walking or physical activity
  • We track our progress
  • We have Fun!
  • For more info, visit

Submitted by Jorge Garcia, Recreation and Nutrition Cohort Liaison

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