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Welcome to the 2006-2007 school year!

SPOTLIGHT  Project Cohorts

This year ExCEL will support sites in building capacity and best practices via "Project Cohorts".† Review the Project Cohort descriptions below to learn more about each cohortís specific focus:

Youth Involvement Project
This cohort will develop Youth Advisory Groups for their After School Programs to inspire youth ownership and develop youth leadership skills for students participating in after school program activities.†

Academic Alignment Project
The Academic Alignment Project will provide resources and professional development to reinforce the role that after school programs play in supporting academics and overall learning.

Enrichment Development Project
Sites participating in this cohort will develop enrichment programming by working with service providers, developing resources and curriculum, and providing ongoing training and support to line staff.

Recreation & Health Development Project
Sites in this cohort will work to prioritize Nutrition Education and Structured Physical Activity into programming via encouraging implementation of research based curricula, hiring and training new staff, and planning professional development opportunities.

Management/Leadership Development Project
This cohort will support ExCEL After School Program Site Coordinators in increasing their leadership skills by providing a focused opportunity for Site Coordinators to more intentionally examine their leadership and management abilities through professional development, discussion, and practice.

Emerging Site Coordinator Capacity Building & Coaching Project
This Cohort will work closely with emerging site coordinators to help with initial program development and provide onsite training to sites in areas such as, but not limited to, behavior management, emergency procedures, initial staff development, and time management.†

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