Best Practices

Global Youth Service Day 2008


Start of School Year

Some tips and tricks to consider:

  • Hiring
    Curious where to post your job opening? While Craigslist is always the number one go to site, try student associations or the Career Center at local colleges. Also different departments can also have faculty announce job openings in each of their classes.
  • First Day Chaos
    No matter how seasoned you are as a Site Coordinator, first day of program always ensues in chaos. Have everything organized (attendance sheets, schedule, lost parents assistance) before your program begins. Also have a plan B ready.
  • Lesson Plans
    If your staff are turning in lesson plans to you, make sure they are always detailed enough for a substitute to understand. Be sure to have them list materials needed and lesson objective.
  • Announcements
    Need to announce something to your staff? Print out little notes and put them on top of their attendance sheets. They can’t miss them!
    Need to announce something to your students? Appoint a weekly student announcer to make announcements. It will help with youth development and confidence.
  • Student DutieS
    Give your students a chance at youth leadership! Form a student council for after school or have committee members for different events. Students can also rotate duties for day to day activities like Assistant Site Coordinator for day/week or Clean-Up Monitors.




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