Best Practices

Global Youth Service Day 2008


End of Year

Some tips and tricks to consider:

  • Ask Questions
    Prompt youth with open-ended questions.
  • Prepare!
    Read the survey ahead of time so that you can anticipate which items youth may have trouble reading.
  • Support!
    Help youth feel like they are taking the survey independently but that you are there for support. Stay within eyesight and share with them how to get your attention so you can help them if they need it.
  • Plan!
    Set aside 15-20 minutes of class time for the surveys - create a lesson plan around it like you would any other activity.
  • Timelines
    Create a short timeline for survey fielding: drawing out a long time yields fewer surveys.
  • Reading Surveys Aloud
    Staff can read the survey questions out loud to their youth. Staff can read and walk an entire cohort of survey takers through the surveys. Best For: Younger grades, English Learners, anyone struggling with 3rd grade literacy levels.
  • Activity Review
    Staff can review the activities they've done with their young people throughout the year. Additionally, Staff can prompt their young people with reminders of activities by asking, "What was one of your favorite activities this year," and/or "Can you list an activity that was hard for you?" Best For: All Youth
  • Activity Board
    Staff can create an activity board where youth can write down an activity, a presentation, or lesson they've done that year and pin it to a bulletin board. This is another way to get youth thinking about what they've done throughout the year. Best For: All Youth
  • Parents/Caregiver Certification of Recognition
    Staff can create a social gathering and event and make it a survey party where participants can get fed and fill out surveys all at once. Best For: Parents
  • Movie Day or Extended Enrichment / Physical Activity Day The classroom or club with the most survey responses - among the youth or by their parents - receives a movie day at the end of the year. Or, for every youth that completes a survey, a ticket representing that classroom gets entered into a Movie Day or extended enrichment/physical activity raffle. Best For: Youth, Parents
  • Reflection
    "I plan to start after spring break, have each program leader help facilitate the survey within a lesson plan. Have the students reflect on what they liked about ExCEL this year in a creative way. (Lakeshore)
  • Refresher
    "I will set up an Activity Review Date during snack time and catch all the students at the same time. I will also ask my team leaders to create an Activity Board with the students to refresh each other on the activities we have done through out the year. The movie day could be used as a award to the program and help students finish their surveys. Also this day could be offered to parents and staff making it open to the community." (Academy of Arts and Science)
  • Incentives
    "Our program focuses on health awareness the month of April. We are planning on providing a healthy eating and physical activities resource table where families can receive information. We will also be distributing surveys with a raffle incentive that have to do with our resource fair." (Monroe)



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