Best Practices

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Program Design and Implementation

Some tips and tricks to consider:


  • Look over your lesson plans. Do they meet grant requirements? Are they engaging? What are the learning outcomes? Do they have clear directions?
  • Let your students choose what they want to learn! Ask your students what clubs are they interested in and take a vote.
  • Form a youth led After School Club Committee. This is the perfect way to encourage youth development and student ownership of the program. The Committee can conduct surveys and take charge of the voting process. They can also help ask Program Leaders what they would like to teach before the voting process takes place to ensure that there will be someone teaching that particular club.
  • Be a Model. Make sure Program Leaders model skills and how to do tasks before allowing students to take over.
  • Encourage Thinking. Connect with your Academic Liaison to help give your Program Leaders tips on how to ask open-ended questions to encourage critical thinking skills.
  • Debrief. Model debrief/reflection opportunities in your Staff Meetings and encourage your Program Leaders to conduct sessions after each project.




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